Chalice Circles 

We warmly invite you to participate in Chalice Circles at Unitarian Universalist Fellowship of Fairbanks. The thoughtful intimacy of these spiritual groups has enriched participants’ lives throughout the UU movement over the past few years. The format of the meetings helps participants set aside daily distractions, reflect on their lives and beliefs, and make meaningful connections with one another. Through sharing their wisdom, members leave each meeting with a more profound understanding of themselves and of each other as they explore depths of meaning, personal stories and true friendship.

chalice circles logoEach Chalice Circle becomes an energized but manageable community of listening and caring in the midst of our growing Fellowship. It’s easy to see how Chalice Circles complement our Sunday services and other programs at UUFF.

Chalice Circles typically start in January or February and meet every other week until late April or early May.

Want to know more? Read Chalice Circles FAQ.

What Others Have Said About Chalice Circles at UUFF

I really enjoyed the topics that we discussed during Chalice Circles. Having everyone’s input/experience on a topic gave the group more depth and bonded us more. – Marilyn

I am a shy person. Small groups are a way for me to more easily reach into the bigger congregation & Chalice Circles really helps me do that. – Linda

I loved going to this group! It felt warm and welcoming from the moment I first walked in. This was despite missing the first session. I am energized by sharing about topics that don’t often get touched on in our casual daily conversations. One time I prepared quite a bit and another time I thought about the topic in the car on my way there. Either way I was drawn in and hated to leave when it was time. It really fed my spirit! – Peg