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This Sunday: Food for Thought – Can doing the right thing be delicious?

Raising animals for meat caused UUFF member Shaun L. reflect on many questions involving our relationship with food. When it comes to our food we make choices on a daily basis about what we buy and what we eat. What are the principles or values that guide us when it comes to our food choices? How do these choices affect our own health, the health of our families, and of our communities? There are things that we believe in and want to do that may not be attainable right now; our challenge is finding ground between the romantic and the practical. View the UUA study guide on Ethical Eating at www.uua.org and join us for the last in our series on the topic. There will be a potluck featuring local foods after the service and a chance for discussion. Speaker, Shaun Lott. Lay Leader, Mike Bonilla. Accompanist, Marsha Sousa.

Gathering – The Spiritual Discipline of Berry Picking

This Sunday: Responsible foraging builds environmental awareness and is the most ecologically sustainable method of procuring food. But more than anything, harvesting wild food satisfies a deep desire to connect with our roots and participate in Nature. We gather to nourish body and spirit. This is our fourth service in a series on ethical eating. The final service in the series will be in September and will examine raising animals for food. You can find online materials, including an Ethical Eating Study Guide, at www.uua.org/environment/eating. Lay Leader, Frida Shroyer, Speaker, Lisa Sporleder, Accompanist, Susan Johnson.

This Sunday: Subsisting sustainably – The ethics of being an Alaskan who loves fish

Ethical Eating was selected at UUA Study/Action Issue for 2008-2012. However, when you look in the study guide at uua.org (www.uua.org/environment/eating), it says next to nothing about fishing. Rich Seifert has volunteered to rectify this oversight. The ethical and environmental issues surrounding fishing are global, but they touch us close to home here in Alaska. We will learn about some of the issues surrounding subsistence fishing in Alaska and examine our own spiritual and ethical responses. This is our third service in a series on ethical eating. Upcoming services include the spiritual discipline of berry picking (August) and a reflection on raising animals for food (September). We will end the series in September with an “ethical eating potluck” of locally grown/raised food.

Gardening – Why bother?

This Sunday: In a recent New York Times article, author and food activist Michael Pollan asks why we should bother trying to change our lifestyles when the immensity of the climate change problem dwarfs any possible personal response. Yet he argues that growing your own food — even just a little — is one of the most powerful things an individual can do to change the cheap-energy mind. For the second Sunday in our series on ethical eating, we’ve invited accomplished local gardener Dr. Walter Benesch to philosophize on why he gardens. Lay leader, Rich Seifert. Accompanist, Vera Alexander. Read More »

Hunting and Our Relationship with Animals

This is the first in a series of summer services that will look at the ethics of eating. Our May 31 program explores the ethics of hunting and the question of how Alaskans, UUs or not, reconcile their hunting practices with their spiritual beliefs, including Unitarian Universalism’s seventh principle: Respect for the interdependent web of all existence of which we are a part.  We have invited several speakers to present varying perspectives on the question. Later services in the series will examine growing our own food and raising animals for food. Ethical Eating was selected at UUA General Assembly 2008 in Fort Lauderdale, FL, to be the Congregational Study/Action Issue for 2008-2012. The UUA site has www.uua.org/environment/eating. Lay leader, Cam Leonard. Accompanist, Laurel Holmes.