We are welcoming, open and affirming to all. Our services begin at 10:30 a.m. Sundays. Religious exploration for school-age children and childcare for preschoolers are available from September to May. Learn more about us and what happens Sundays at UUFF.

Our growing Unitarian Universalist fellowship is led by Rev. Leslie Jarzabski, who joined UUFF in September 2015.  About half are Sunday Services are lay led or feature guest speakers, ensuring a diversity of topics and voices.

Taize Contemplative Service

Lay Leader: Marsha Sousa

Through meditation, song, and contemplative silence, this Taize-style service will offer us a moment of calm reflection in the midst of the hectic holiday season.

Transgender Day of Remembrance

UUFF is hosting this gathering on Friday, November 20th at 7pm. Transgender Day of Remembrance  is a day where people around the world pause to memorialize people who have been killed in the last year due to anti-transgender violence. Join us to recognize those who have died and celebrate the hope that is found in community.  Lay Leader: Hayden Nevill. Speaker: Leslie Jarzabski.

For All the Beauty We Have Known

Speaker: Rev.  Leslie Jarzabski Lay Leader: Kim Swisher

The advent of information technology has caused a sea change in the way we remember the events of our lives, and how we ourselves are remembered by those that we love. This service will explore the phenomenon of human memory:  how we remember, how we forget, and the gray matter in between.



Music in the Woods: Paul Krejci and Steve Lacatena

Join Paul and Steve in recital fpresenting classical and original compositions for piano and saxophone. The program starts at 7:30pm. $10 suggested donation.

The Care and Tending of Ministry

Speakers: Rev. Lois Van Leer and Rev. Leslie Jarzabski

We’re thrilled to welcome the Rev. Lois Van Leer, minister of the Woodinville UU Fellowship in Washington, who will team up with Rev. Leslie to talk about the present and future of our adventure in shared ministry.

“Living and Dying Well – The Hospice Way”

Speaker:  Dr. Victor Bartling Lay Leaders: Monte Jordan and Leslie Jarzabski

Dr. Victor  Bartling, practices family medicine at Tanana Valley Clinic. He is also the Medical Director for the Denali Center, FMH Hospice and FMH Palliative Medicine. Dr. Bartling will be speaking about providing Hospice and Palliative Medicine.

Weaving Our Lives Together

Lay leader: Susan Grace  Music: Vera Alexander

In this Multi-Generational service we will weave a tapestry of the congregation; all of our lives come together as we celebrate gratitude and see how all life around us is connected and intertwined.

A Discussion of Pope Francis’ Laudato Si

Speaker:  Nancy Hanson Lay Leader:  Laurel Holmes

Nancy Hanson will lead a discussion about Pope Francis’ recent encyclical on the environment (in his words “On Care for Our Common Home”), which he addressed to all people.

Music in the Woods


Michael Shaeffer. He’s the artist MAXIMUM ROCKNROLL magazine calls “inexplicable but totally hilarious” and the Minneapolis Star Tribune hails as “brilliantly funny, unpretentious, and engaging.”  Pop culture maven Michael Shaeffer spins silly stories and irreverent rhymes, sharing music-influenced missives and Halloween hullaballoo. His schtick channels the Stones, 80s rock, Celtic comedy, and diesel-powered futuristic funk.   Don’t miss the performer described by the Kansas City Fringe as “the Poet Laureate of the Avengers Generation—A Dork Knight”—one night only!

Our Spirits, Ourselves

Speaker:  Rev. Leslie Jarzabski Lay Leader:  Marilyn Richardson

Times of upheaval, uncertainty, and change take their toll on us, physically and mentally.If we believe that our bodies and minds (or spirits, or souls) are one, what does it mean to be spiritually healthy in this beautiful, hurting world?