We are welcoming, open and affirming to all. Our services begin at 10:30 a.m. Sundays. Religious exploration for school-age children and childcare for preschoolers are available from September to May. Learn more about us and what happens Sundays at UUFF.

Our growing Unitarian Universalist fellowship is led by Rev. Leslie Jarzabski, who joined UUFF in September 2015.  About half our Sunday Services are lay led or feature guest speakers, ensuring a diversity of topics and voices.

May Pole Celebration

Lay Leader: Cam Leonard Music: Marsha Sousa

Join us for our yearly inter-generational celebration of the return of greenness to our Northern home, with live music provided by members and friends of the fellowship. And, of course, dancing around the maypole! All ages are welcome and encouraged to join in.

Parking Options Meeting

We will be having a Review of Parking Options after Sunday May 8th’s service. Pizza will be provided. Please join us. You can review the parking options by clicking UUFF Parking Options. If you have questions, please contact Jonathan Shambare at jtshambare@nullalaska.edu 

Mamma’s Day

Minister: Rev. Leslie Ahuvah Fails  Lay Leader: TBA

Mother’s Day was originally founded as an antiwar rallying cry by Unitarian Julia Ward Howe. Mother’s Day can be more than a day for flowers and pancakes. With “Mamas Day,” we hear a call to honor all those who mother, especially those who bear the brunt of hurtful policies or who are weighed down by stigma in our culture. Today we celebrate trans mamas, immigrant mamas, single mamas, lesbian mamas, young mamas, poor mamas, and all those among us who have embarked on the journey of motherhood.

All That’s Past is Prologue

Minister: Rev. Leslie Ahuvah Fails   Lay Leader: Lindsey Parkinson

Rev. Leslie will offer a thought-provoking sermon written by the Rev. Victoria Safford, winner of the 2001 UUA Stewardship Sermon Award. This program will inspire us to live and give with intention, so that the seeds we sow today will bear fruit for future generations.

UUFF Spring Auction

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The UUFF Fundraising Spring Auction is on Saturday April 16th starting at 7pm.

Remember that auction items, or a good description of your items, are due this Sunday, April 10!  Forms are available in the foyer, or see Mel or Mary Ann in the office.   We look forward to seeing you here at the Celebrate Spring! Fundraising Auction on Saturday, April 16.  Come for an evening of fun – and help support UUFF

Weaving Our Lives Together

Storytellers: Susan Grace and the RE Students  Lay Leader: Laurie Walton

Don’t miss this special multi-generational service for all ages as we come together through a delightful story and create magic!


Speaker: Rev. Leslie Jarzabski  Lay Leader: Lisa Sporleder

Lyricist Valencia Hardy Lacy invites us to ponder this question: “If I told you what I really need, would your heart and soul say yes?” How do we begin to know what it is that we, as individuals and as a community, need? How will we ask one another to offer it? And when the time comes to give — of our time, our energy, and our financial resources — will our hearts and souls say yes?

Parking Expansion – Please Comment

Our parking expansion plan is taking shape. This project includes the development of a master plan for the UUFF site. It came about from the many discussions related to the need for additional parking on site. Many different locations have been proposed for additional parking. We’ve posted the summary of the recent Design Workshop meeting here and are now looking for comments. Read More »

New Beginnings Youth Sunday

In honor of Easter Sunday and the return of Spring, our children and youth will host a special program celebrating the new beginnings, transformations, and changes happening in their lives, and in the lives of their families and friends. Instead of donning your “Sunday Best,” you’re welcome to join us in your “Saturday Night Best” (your favorite pajamas) for a Pancake Breakfast before the service! Breakfast will begin at 9:30, and those who would like to help cook can meet Rev. Leslie and Molly at 8:30.

On Paradise

Speaker: Rev. Leslie Jarzabski  Lay Leader: Mike West

Why are images of the crucified Jesus absent from early Christian art? How did Christianity become a religion of finitude and guilt rather than one of promise and celebration? What hope can modern Unitarian Universalists find in Jesus’ message that paradise is not a future reward reserved for the dead, but a reality to be cultivated in the here and now? In this sermon, Rev. Leslie will draw wisdom from Rebecca Parker and Rita Nakashima Brock’s book “Saving Paradise: How Christianity Traded Love of this World for Crucifixion and Empire.”