We are welcoming, open and affirming to all. Our services begin at 10:30 a.m. Sundays. Religious exploration for school-age children and childcare for preschoolers are available from September to May. Learn more about us and what happens Sundays at UUFF.

Our growing Unitarian Universalist fellowship is led by a interim minister, Rev. Beatrice Hitchcock, who travels to Fairbanks one week each month from her home in at the base of Sheep Mountain off the Glenn Highway. In between visits, she is available for consultation and pastoral care by phone and email. Other services are lay led or feature guest ministers, ensuring a diversity of topics and voices.

Inspired by Nature

Speakers: UUFF Members Lay Leader:  Dave Frey

Stories Inspired by nature essays, books and shared experiences.

Dana Lyons Great Salish Sea Tour CD Release Concert

p7-533x800         Dana-Lyons-Great-Salish-Sea-Orca-Poster-2015-Letter

Bringing together a mix of comedy, ballads and love songs, Dana Lyons’ sharp wit and beautiful voice have him performing at concert halls, festivals, conventions, fundraisers and universities across the US and around the world. Dana’s music receives crossover radio play on country, rock, alternative, community, college and oldies radio stations worldwide.

“Internationally known, Bellingham based ‘warrior troubadour’, Dana Lyons, carries on the legacy of artist/activists such as Pete Seeger and Woody Guthrie.” — Margaret Jakubcin, North Olympic Library System

Donation of $15/Adult $8 Students/Seniors/Military. For more information, please contact Susan Grace at 479-0780

Songs Inspiring Action

Speaker: Dana Lyons Lay leader: Susan Grace Music: Dana Lyons and Susan Grace

Singing and music unites people. Dana Lyons has performed nationally and internationally working with groups all around the world stirring folks into action. He will share his inspirational stories about working as an activist, his songs, and experiences.

Walking Towards Trouble

Speaker: Mel Sikes Lay Leader:  Laurie Walton

The UU Faith is a faith that can provide not only us, but others with a powerful answer to the question: When destruction happens, what are we asked to do? Where do we find healing? Where do we find salvation? The journey of faith is walking toward trouble. Faith leaders walk toward trouble. They walk toward people in pain. They walk toward people with broken hearts. And when they walk toward suffering people, they bring something special, something more important than blankets and food. They bring curiosity. They bring a willingness to be surprised. They bring doubt. If we don’t have doubt, we are certain of what is going on and how to fix the situation. When we believe we don’t know the answers, we can hear what other people have say.

A History of Explosive Ideas!”

Speakers: Various UUFF members Lay leader: Jana Peirce

Religious tolerance, the separation of church and state, humane treatment for the mentally ill, women’s equality, civil rights, environmental justice, LGBTQ rights, sexual freedom…. Unitarians Universalists have been at the forefront of many progressive and, in their time, explosive ideas over the course of our history. We’ll take a closer look at a few of these and think about the revolutionary ideas we may be called on to champion in the future.

Poetry Sunday

Speakers: Various UUFF Members/Friends Lay Leader: Cam Leonard

The theme is “Poetry: The Worship of Words.”  All in attendance are invited to share a favorite poem with the congregation.

The Upside of Quitting

Speakers: Janie Magelky and Lane Delventhal Lay Leader: Mel Sikes

Most of us hear early on that it’s not good to be a quitter. But whether it’s a religion, a job or a life dream, sometimes we come to learn that quitting is the best thing we can do for ourselves or others. This is the third and last service in our series, This UU Life. For each service, UUFF members share wisdom and insights hard won from personal experience. Previous services have explored what happens when we leave our comfort zones or when we let go of something we’ve been holding onto for dear life. Join us this Sunday to hear about the upside of quitting.

Grace and Power

Speaker: Nancy Hanson Lay Leader: Doug Toelle

Grace and Power: Are these two words antonyms, synonyms or two unrelated words? Is grace a power? Power often seems to have a negative connotation to it. Why? Grace is a warmer word than power (for me anyway) and yet Grace seems hard to grasp and define and perhaps even harder to know within oneself. Through discussion might we end up with Grace being a Power or Power being an aspect of Grace.

Thank Heaven, We Have All Been Mothered By Someone

Speaker: Rev. Beatrice Hitchcock Lay Leader: Marilyn Richardson

For some, Mother’s Day is a joyful day of celebration of a woman they love and appreciate. For others, Mothers’ Day is a complex day of emotions: longing for what never was, anger at mistreatment, hope for what might still be, resignation to what was, remorse for their part in estrangement, compassion for her pain, determination to do better, acceptance for what is always less-than-perfect… Recognizing the good and the bad of this essential relationship, all who have mothered, or been mothered, will be honored at this service.

In Beloved Community

Speaker: Rev. Leslie Jarzabzki Lay Leader: Cam Leonard

Members and friends of UUFF describe this community as a sanctuary, a safe place, a source of strength and renewal. What can we accomplish together that we could not as individuals, both within this fellowship and out in the wider world?