Why Do We Care?

This Sunday: Mother Earth will wrap us in her web of interdependence and bring home our U-U 7th Principle. On this Sunday we will honor Earth Day with an assortment of UUFF members sharing “why they care about the Earth” and believe in the “Respect for the interdependent web of all existence of which we are a part.” Lay Leader, Laurel McLauhglin. Speakers, Green Team and UUFF members. Music, Susan Grace.We will CELEBRATE THE 40TH ANNIVERSARY OF EARTH DAY! Since 1970 April 22nd has been celebrated as Earth Day! We have pledged to join the Earth Day Network by committing our fellowship to take one of the Billion Acts of Green initiated at the United Nations Global Climate Change Conference in Copenhagen, Dec. ‘09. After the service, Ed McLaughlin will seek your contributions to “buy-a-bulb” so we can convert our building’s outside lighting to LED bulbs and reduce our energy dependence. View our  pledge at www.earthday.org