Supper Club Schedule

The UUFF SUPPER CLUB meets on the 4th Tuesday of each month. Please call Marilyn 452-4532 with any questions and to let her know you’re coming so she can make reservations. Remember: You’re going to sup… let’s sup together (even if you just want an appetizer and a glass of wine)! Here’s the restaurants we’ll be sampling this year:

Aug 24 – Hot Lick Tour and El Azucar
Sep 29 – Benny’s Grill, 101 Santa Claus Lane, North Pole
Oct 27 – Lemon Grass, in the Chena Pump Mall
Nov 24 – The Finish Line, located at the Alpine Lodge (near the airport)
Dec 22 – The Vallata, on Goldstream Road/Ballaine Road
Jan 26 – The Pump House
Feb 23 – The Mayan Palace, in the Washington Plaza
Mar 23 – The Thai House, on Fifth Ave. downtown
Apr 27 – Boston’s, located on Old Steese Highway across from Fred Meyer’s
May 25 – Ivory Jack’s, on Goldstream Road