UUFF Board Elections

UUFF will be conducting elections to fill 5 vacant seats on the board at our annual meeting on April 26. Up for election are the President, Vice President, three Member at Large seats (2 for two years, 1 for a 1 year term). The one year seat is to fill out Carol Kasza’s second year, as she is stepping down. Mary Ann Borchert’s, and Allen Jones’ terms are expiring. In most years, the membership elects as its next president the person who has been serving as Vice President. Lisa Sporleder has agreed to serve if the members choose to follow that pattern. Laurel McLaughlin, Member at Large, Beth Behner, Secretary, and Julia Stewart, Treasurer, are remaining in their positions mid term. Phil Osborn will become Past President. Any member of record as of February 26, 2009, may run for any open position. If you are interested in any of the board positions, please contact info@uuff.org, leave a message at 907-451-8838, or provide a written notice to Jane Magelky in her in-box or in the office door mailbox.