The Power of Dreams

This Sunday: Dr. Stephen Parker, a clinical psychologist in Fairbanks for thirty years, will present a talk and slideshow on “Dreams and Spirituality.” Ten years ago, he experienced a vivid dream of an airplane with a malfunctioning red four-cylinder engine that took off and crashed; he work up startled, with the surprising words in his head, “You have heart trouble.” There were no physical indications of any problems, but three months later he had emergency heart surgery. (Later, he came to understand that a “four-cylinder red engine” was a symbol of the four chambered heart.)

His dreams and experiences after this unexpected hospitalization led him on a long spiritual journey, an alchemical transformation. He has recently published a series of drawings, dreams, and commentaries on this experience, entitled Heart Attack and Soul in the Labyrinth of Healing. (

Jeremy Taylor, a Unitarian minister and author of several books on dreams, has said that “All dreams are in the service of health and healing:” A spiritual connection is often part of that healing. (The archetypal dream of Jacob’s Ladder will be one of the topics of the presentation.) Some of the material that will be covered can be seen at and