Socially distant FUN: Coming soon to an outdoor location near you

Socially-Distanced Social Events!
The newly established UUFF Ministry of Fun is bringing you a gaggle of Socially Distanced Social Events to brighten your 2020 summer and help us stay connected while staying safe. We want to make these activities as safe as possible so most people will feel safe participating, so we have established the Safety Covenant described below and ask that all participates abide by it. Masks will be required at all events, and a volunteer will be on site to gently remind us to keep our 6’ distance. We ask everyone to make their own decision about what feels safe to them when deciding to participate.

What Fun Activities?

Stay tuned to the weekly UUFF email announcements and live announcements during Sunday services to find out about upcoming Ministry of Fun activities. We are setting up a new Facebook discussion group, open to UUFF members and friends, to provide detailed info on upcoming events and also hear your suggestions. Anyone can volunteer to lead an activity, but our safety covenant requires two leaders for every activity. We are looking for two co-coordinators for the Ministry. If you can help, please let us know.

Read our Ministry of Fun Safety Covenant