RE: September 20, 2009

Lots of news this week! Please read the whole post (by clicking the MORE link) to find out what is planned for all ages groups this fall. Contact Bre Griffen (490-4604) with any questions.


Our high school youth group, ages 14-20, will be meeting this week during the service to discuss a meeting time that will work for everyone. If you are wanting to be a part of YRUU but are not able to meet during the service this week, please contact Bre (490-4604) or Susan (479-0779).

Middle School

At this time, by reflecting on last year’s attendance, it looks as though there will only be 2 middle school students in the class, so this class will only be meeting once a month for the first Sunday of the month. This way, we are still offering a program for our middle school students and we are using our adults’ volunteer time well. Elementary school and preschool classes will continue to meet weekly during the service.


We are looking for at least 3 more volunteers to help with the Elementary class. Again, we hare looking for consistency in the classroom, but also to allow our volunteers a chance to attend other programs on Sunday mornings. This is a great way to get to know our children and get to know more about our UU history. Let Bre know if you are interested.


JOB OPENING! The preschool is looking for an additional assistant to work with our youngest members in the preschool during the service. By adding an additional employee, it will allow for consistency in our child care and for our care givers to attend some services. There will still be
two care givers in the preschool each Sunday. This is a paid position, amount dependent upon experience. Please contact Bre if you are interested.

All Ages

So far, we have only 2 students registered with the safety policy and behavior covenant signed and returned to me, so please make sure to stop by the RE table on Sunday to pick up your child’s covenant and registration form. Without this information, I am not accurately able to plan for the RE program, so please do get your information to me. If you are not sure if I have all of your information, check for your child’s name tag. If they don’t have a name tag, their registration is not complete.

See you Sunday!