RE This Week

Remember to get your completed Registration form (if your child has never been registered in the RE program) or check that your Registration information is complete, as well as your child’s Safety and Behavior Covenant turned in to Bre or the RE table. As soon as I receive that information, your child will have a name tag to wear on Sunday mornings. Also, make sure to sign your child into the attendance notebook before services start so we have an idea of how many children will be in each class. Read on to find out what each class is doing this week.

Preschool – This week, our preschoolers welcome some new helpers, Robin and Anya. We are happy to have them helping us this year along with Conal, Mikayla, and Jeffery. These five teens will be rotating duties through the year.

Elementary – Our Elementary Teaching team is now complete! This Sunday, Marilyn and Terry will continue to talk about ways that we can use our UU principles to show good sports(wo)manship. We also have Liz, Michael, and Shelly on the team.

Middle School will not meet this week. Please enjoy the service with your family.

YRUU (high school) will meet this week during the service with Susan to continue working on building a recycling center for the fellowship.

Questions? Contact Bre Griffin at 490-4604 (home between 8am-8pm) or by email (we will forward to her). Bre will be out of town from October 12-24 visiting family, so the response may not be immediate.