Mother’s Day: Parenting from the Bench

This Sunday: Mother’s Day is a celebration and honoring of parents, but we should not loose site of parents’ obligations to their children.  Today, the most common matters heard by our courts are divorce, custody and domestic violence issues that involve child custody issues.  These matters routinely deal with disputes between parents over the care, custody, and related parenting issues.  These disputes affect entire family systems, including grandparents, aunts and uncles and siblings.  Ms. Rasley has been a Magistrate in Fairbanks dealing with domestic violence and child custody issues for many years. Before going to the bench Ms. Rasely was an attorney dealing with Child in Need of Aid, Indian Child Welfare, and other family law issues.  She will talk about her perceptions of parenting in Fairbanks acquired from her view from the bench. Speaker, Rasley. Lay Leader, Mike Walleri.