Northern Log going Paperless (nearly) in November

The grace period is officially over: our newsletter, The Northern Log, will go electronic in November. The link to download the PDF newsletter is sent out once a month on our Announcements email list. If you do not currently get UUFF emails or if you wish to continue receiving a paper copy of the newsletter, keep reading.
Paper copies of the newsletter will continue to be available in the building foyer during the month. If you wish to continue to receive a paper copy by mail, please contact us by October 21 with your name and address. UUFF members may receive their copy free of charge. Friends of the fellowship who would like to receive a snail mail newsletter should send a check for $20 to cover printing and mailing costs to Northern Log, UUFF, 4448 Pikes Landing Rd. Fairbanks, AK 99709.

If you would like to get the electronic version of the newsletter, but do not currently get UUFF email announcements, you may join the announcements email list.

If you only wish to receive the monthly newsletter by email and no other announcements, you can send us your name and email address and put “Newsletter Emails Only” in the subject line.

Thanks for helping us to cut costs (and save trees) during these challenging economic times!