Meet Rev. Schurr

Rev. Sarah Schurr will arrive in Fairbanks this coming weekend, and will be with us until Oct. 10.  We have planned a variety of events to give you time to meet her or you can arrange to meet with her individually. Read on for the details. The Harvest Potluck on Sept. 26 and the Coffee and Desserts Hour on Oct. 10 will be held after Sunday services.  Rev. Schurr will be teaching a two-part Adult RE class on UU Religious Identity on Thursday evenings, and also a New UU class (for recent members or those contemplating membership) on Sunday, Oct. 3.  Sign-up sheets for both classes are available at UUFF, or you can contact us if interested.

Rev. Schurr will be joining the Supper Club next Tuesday, Sept. 28.  All are welcome to join in, but be sure to let Marilyn Russell know in advance (452-4532) so she can make reservations.  Rev. Schurr will be at the Program Team and Finance Committee meetings on Monday, Oct. 4.  An RE Brunch is planned for Saturday, October 2, at UUFF.  Families, instructors, anyone who has participated in RE in some capacity is welcome.  Bre is planning that one, so let her know if you want to join in.

A couple other small dinners are also being planned, and I will be hosting a First Friday dinner at UUFF for all who want to come.  Check out the First Friday artwork around town on Oct. 1, then stop by the fellowship for dinner before you head home.  We will be having a Pie Supper (pizza pie, pot pie, quiche, rhubarb, chocolate cream…whatever you want to bring!).  We’ll start eating about 7:30 p.m., but if you get lost in the artwork until later than that, stop by whenever you are done.  Let me know if you are interested and what you might like to bring.  Pies of every sort are just a general guideline (plus they generally travel well).  If you want to bring a salad, that’s great, too!

Last, but certainly not least, if you would like to meet with Rev. Schurr individually–for pastoral care, to just sit and talk with a minister, or for any other reason–please set up the visit with her on your own.  You can contact her by email or phone, sschurr (at) or (503) 936-0479, to arrange a time and place for the meeting.