2009 KUAC Pledge Drive at UUFF

Once again, UUFF will be sponsoring its own KUAC Pledge Drive to support our underwriting habit.  For most of the past decade UUFF has sponsored Weekend Edition on Saturday and Sunday mornings. We can afford to do this by laundering your KUAC donations through the Fellowship. If you will be giving to KUAC anyway, consider making your donation through the Fellowship. (If you weren’t planning on giving to KUAC this year, please consider it. You can help two great organizations at once.) Here’s how it works.

  1. The next 3 Sundays in October sign the KUAC Pledge Drive sheet at the Fellowship with your name, contact information, and how much you want to pledge.
  2. Pay your pledge by November 1. You can pay by cash or check (made out to *UUFF*).
  3. If the office already has your credit card on file, you can also charge your pledge. (If you want to set up credit card payment for your UU pledge, see Julia or Dana in the office after service.)
  4. If you want to pledge to KUAC but won’t be at Fellowship in October, contact Jana Peirce (488-8692) or email us.

That’s it. Thank you for helping!