Envisioning Our Ministerial Futures

For the first 50 years of our history, UUFF was almost exclusively a lay-led congregation. Then in 2010, the UUA Pacific Northwest District (PNWD) offered us a deal we could not refuse: they offered to help us support a part-time minister if we wanted to try a little ministry on for size.

So, for the past two years (and the one we’ve just started) Rev. Sarah Schurr has been our ¼-time minister, traveling to Alaska 3 to 4 times a year to preach, provide pastoral counseling, and do all the other things ministers generally do. It has been a great opportunity for the fellowship to see what UU ministry really looks like and feels like (especially if the ministry some of us grew up with looked a bit different).

For a variety of reasons (none of them bad), this will likely be our last year with Rev. Schurr, and so we have decisions to make. Do we want to continue with ministry or go back to being lay led? If we want more ministry, how much do we want? How much can we afford?

To help us wrestle with these questions, the Board has appointed five members to serve on a Ministerial Futures Committee: Jana Peirce, Michael Bonilla, ‘Drea Hunnicutt, Suzanne Osborn, and Dan Swisher. The committee is planning a series of visioning activities to engage the fellowship in reflection and discussion. Because the Board has given us till spring to report back about what the fellowship wants, we can discuss the questions thoughtfully without the pressure of time to reach a quick decision.

Expect to hear from the Ministerial Futures Committee soon! For more information about upcoming visioning activities, contact Jana Peirce (488-8692) or one of the other committee members.