Dia de los Muertos

Speaker: Jana Peirce Lay Leader: Stephanie Sandberg

Dia de los Muertos is rooted in the Mexican belief that there are three deaths.  The third death—the most definitive one—is when there is no one left to remember us.  El dia de muertos is the day we reconcile our past and present, our ancestors with ourselves. It is through this celebration of death and acknowledgment of our own mortality that we continue to live and circumvent the final death. Dia de los Muertos transcends cultural boundaries because it is a sublime expression of the love all people feel for those they have lost. We’ll learn a little about the prehispanic roots of the holiday and then those who have created altars will have an opportunity to share an anecdote or talk about their altar. There will also be a community altar for anyone who wants to contribute an offering. Short poems, musical offerings or performance pieces are encouraged—either about individual loved ones or about death in general.