12p Discussion of proposed UUFF conflict policy

Members of the UUFF Conflict Management Task Force will be available after service on May 16 to discuss the proposed UUFF Policy on Addressing Conflict. We will provide an overview of what is in the policy for those who haven’t had a chance to review it. We’ll also be available to hear members’ comments or concerns, and to answer any questions on the policy, which members will be asked to approve at the Annual Meeting on May 23 (Note: the Annual Meeting is NOT on May 30 as previously publicized).

A limited number of printed copies of the policy will be available at the fellowship on May 16. You can download your own copy here: PROPOSED Policy on Addressing Conflict (pdf)

The proposed policy was developed over the course of a year by the UUFF Conflict Management Task Force. At its April meeting, the UUFF Board of Directors recommended the proposed policy be forwarded to the membership for vote at the May 23, 2010 Annual Meeting.

If the policy is approved, the Board will be recruiting 3 to 4 members to fill a Conflict Management Team for 2010-11. Please consider whether you would be interested in serving on the team. There is information about the team’s structure, mission and training in the proposed policy.

If you have questions, we hope you will join us after service for an overview and discussion on the policy. If you can’t make it on the 16th, feel free to contact a Board member or one of the members of the Conflict Management Task Force:

Linda Baker
Mary Ann Borchert
Dave Frey
Susan Kessler
Phil Osborn
Jana Peirce