Christmas Day Potluck and Caroling

Christmas Day, Sunday December 25th at UUFF will be an informal gathering with an “unprogram” beginning at our regular time of 1030 a.m. Many UU congregations have chosen  alternative services for this day, and we felt that it was important to offer something especially for families looking for something traditional, or for people who are alone and want somewhere to go. We’ll start off with a brunch. Laurel Holmes has some carols for those who are in a festive mood and want to sing around the piano. Or, perhaps we can stroll across the parking lot to the Princess Hotel and sing a few carols to the residents and employees. So, whether there are 3 or 30 people, there will be a gathering and it will be festive, fun and impromptu. Organizers for this day are Lisa Sporleder and Jeanne Olson.