Celebrating our Unitarian Universalist Heroes

This Sunday: Come as one of your UU heroes and participate in the service: Bring a reading by your hero, dress up, share how you are inspired by them, or whatever else you think of. You can learn more about Famous UUs at www.famousuus.com

“It is a curious error to suppose that you can carry on effectively a great liberal tradition while remaining ignorant or almost ignorant, of the beliefs and achievements of the people who have handed the tradition over to you.” —Harry Meserve

When we see that we are part of something that has deep roots and a long history of advocacy for social justice, we are more likely to carry on that important legacy. A charge to make the world a better place has been bestowed upon us—and our connection to those who carried that banner before makes it both an obligation and an honor. Join us today in celebrating the heroes of our religious tradition. Lay Leader, Mike Bonilla. Accompanist, Susan Johnson.