Animal Rescue Survey

On March 1, our Sunday service will focus on the needs of Fairbanks’ “other homeless” and the work of animal rescue groups and caring pet owners to help them. However, these groups are operating with little information about our community’s animals to help us understand what assistance they most need and to get grant funding to meet that need, such as how many animals we have in our community, how many are spayed or neutered, and the most common reasons that cause people to give up their animals. By understanding this, we may be able to develop, modify, or strengthen current programs that help our animals. So, an online survey has been developed by the animal rescue community to gather this information.  Take the survey

The data gathered from these surveys will be shared with the FNSB Animal Control Commission, local rescue groups, and anyone else requesting the data. They have kept this survey short in the hopes that more people will be willing to take it. Therefore, there will by MANY questions that you and others wish had been asked. Please send them, or requests for data, to and if they conduct another survey, they will consider including them.