Alaska Buddhist Center: Visit and teachings by Tulku Dorje Dhenpa Rinpoche

Rimay Tenzin Ling presents one of Tibet’s foremost scholars on his first visit to America. His Eminence, Tulku Dorje Dhenpa Rinpoche, Head of the Dzongpa Lineage of the Sakya Order will be in Fairbanks from July 24 through August 2. He will be accompanied and assisted by the Venerable Konchok Dorje, scholar andAbbot of the Dzongpa Monastery, Dehra Dun, India. Translator: Rigdzin Tingkhye from Seattle.

This is a rare opportunity to have this high lama and his abbot come to Fairbanks. There is no charge for any events, though donations are welcome to cover expenses. Most events are at the Four Winds Foundation in Goldstream Valley. One event is at UUFF and one at the Senior Center. Click on the more link for the event schedule.

Schedule of Events

All events except otherwise noted, to be held at Four Winds Foundation, 2861 Beverley Lane – Off of Goldstream via Ivory. (See map)

There is no charge for any events, donations welcome to cover expenses. Checks may be made and mailed to:

P.O. Box 60062
Fairbanks, AK, 99706

ABC-RTL is a registered 501(c)(3) nonprofit. Donations are tax deductible.

For more information on any events, phone Neville Jacobs at 456-4780

Friday, July 24 – 6 pm
at Four Winds Foundation

Bringing Stability and Harmony into Your Life

Welcome Potluck followed by Talk at 7 pm. (Come for talk only if you wish.)

Satuday and Sunday, July 25-26
at Four Winds Foundation

Dam Ngak: A Letter from Nyima Zampo to his Disciple
Quintessential Instructions for Highest Realization for Enlightenment

In this letter, preserved from the Eleventh Century, the First Dhenpa Rinpoche, Nyima Zampo, speaks to his disciple about his own direct experiences and realizations from the Buddha’s highest esoteric teachings. This truly profound document, transmitted through the Sakya Dzongpa Lineage to Tulku Dhenpa Rinpoche, has never been given in America before.

Monday, July 27 – 11:30 am
at the Senior Center

Leading Life to the Fullest

Luncheon and Talk (open to all). The Senior Center is located at located at 1424 Moore Street.

Monday, July 27 – 5:30-7 pm
at the Unitarian Universalist Fellowship of Fairbanks

Short meditation followed by Informal conversation. An opportunity to visit casually with leading Tibetan scholars, learn about Tibetan life and culture.

UUFF is located at 4448 Pike’s Landing Road, across from the Princess Hotel.

Thursday, July 30 – 6:30 pm
at Four Winds Foundation

Understanding the Five Dhyani (Meditation) Buddhas

The Dhyani Buddhas transform components of our body, mind and emotions. Never before given in Fairbanks, this deeper teaching
explains their relationship to the inner and outer elements (physical and spiritual) of our being and how they benefit us in meditation.

Friday, July 31 – 6:30 pm
at Four Winds Foundation

White Mahakala

This empowerment or blessing ritual helps one to overcome obstacles in health, material affairs, and aids spiritual growth.

Saturday, August 1, 10 am-4 pm & Sunday, August 2, 1-4:30 pm
at Four Winds Foundation

White Tara
Tara with an Aura of Six Radiant Rays – A unique and seldom transmitted teaching, this may be taken as an empowerment or as a blessing without commitments

This is a rare form of White Tara, unique to the Dzongpa Lineage. Rinpoche will transmit a complete teaching, encompassing all aspects of an esoteric Buddhist practice. It is suitable for new students s well as advanced. Rinpoche will teach the deeper meaning of the symbolism in the meditation and visualization, or sadhana.There will be a lunch break on Saturday from noon to 1:30 pm.