What!? Another Yard Party?!

Please come to the Second UUFF Yard Party of the season this Saturday, June 6th, 11 AM to 3 PM. The late morning start gives you time to make it to the Pioneer Home Yard Sale before hand. We only had a handful of hard workers attending the First Yard Party last month and we need MORE helpers this time. There are two projects that cannot wait, so bring your tools or at least your work gloves and join in the fun. Here are some exciting new developments:

  • We’ll be planting the abundant wildflowers that Betty Pixley donated to the plant sale last Sunday. They will be a welcome addition to our bare spots in front and back.
  • We’ll be removing the twisted wire fence along the back parking lot and replacing it with lovely, large river rocks to use as parking barriers. YAY!

Our priority projects will be:

  • Plant the 4 flats of Native wildflowers along the front walkway and on both sides of the back entryway
  • Cut down the remaining Siberian Pea jungle blocking our parking along the back lot (need a chain saw or two and a pick up truck to haul the debris)
  • Lay out the new parking grid (use stakes, string and spray paint) and place the large barrier rock in proper locations to guide parking

Other projects as time and energy allow are:

  • Cover the entrance sign base with golden cobblestones and lay a rock path and platform behind the sign to stand when changing signs
  • Tidy up the labyrinth construction remains — putting away tools (taking wheelbarrows for tire repair), removing bricks and using or storing the remaining gravel
  • Clear brush along the driveway, so later in the summer we are not crowded by the end-of-season growth
  • Dig up unwanted weeds near the doorways (mostly dandelions and horsetail)

We could really use about a dozen people, so if you haven’t already given your time for a few hours this spring helping around the building, now’s your chance.