Visiting Ministers – Help needed

We are looking for two Alaska Air one-way mileage donations to bring up the Revs. Barbara and Jaco B. ten Hove in June. (Mileage to cover two one-way tickets has already been donated. Thanks, Brian and Sherry!)
Barbara and Jaco are coming to Fairbanks on June 12-15. They will do the service on Sunday, June 14, and offer an all-day interactive workshop on Articulating Your UU Faith that helps people talk about their beliefs to people who are not UUs. Barbara will also be available after service on Sunday to meet with lay leaders, program team members, and anyone else interested on improving the quality of our Sunday services. Jaco will be available to meet with UUFF leaders and/or members at the same time to discuss any other topic we’d like help with. Please contact Jana Peirce (450-2482w, 488-8692h) if:

  1. You can help with a mileage donation (sooner is better so we can make reservations)
  2. You would like to be part of future decisions on which ministers we bring up (We will have a meeting in May to review recommendations)
  3. You want to attend the Saturday workshop on Articulating Your UU Faith on Saturday, June 13
  4. You want to attend an after-service meeting with Barbara on better worship services on Sunday, June 14
  5. You or a group or committee you are part of would like to meet with Jaco on a topic of your choice after service on Sunday, June 14