UUFF Needs a Treasurer Immediately!

The fellowship needs to have someone step forward and volunteer to be treasurer for the next two year term which begins July 1, 2010. Julia Stewart will not be on the ballot for the next term. In addition both Dana Richter and Julia will be gone April 23 through May 22. It would be nice to get someone started at on the job training for that month!

Kohler, Schmidt and Hutchison prepare the payroll. Erin Atwood does the accounting to keep track of donations and bills paid. The treasurer needs to be able to use an adding machine to keep track of the money in the checking account. He/she should be prepared to help plan the budget and to attend services frequently to help count and deposit the money received in the plate. You don’t have to be a mathematician. It just calls for someone with integrity and dedication. There’ll be lots of support!