The Labor Movement Yesterday and Today

Speaker: Kim Hays, Political Director for the Alaska AFL-CIO Lay Leader: Lisa Sporleder

The Alaska AFL-CIO is an organization that works on behalf of Alaska’s labor unions to protect working people and advance worker’s rights. In our country today, we have reached a point where the economic scales have been tipped in favor of very big corporations over workers for at least the last 50 years. Inequality has skyrocketed. It’s no coincidence that union membership has declined at the same rate as worker’s wages since 1967. The labor movement is ready for big change and that comes in the form of legislation that tips the scales back into balance for working people. Just like the National Labor Relations Act of 1935 that was in response to the Great Depression, we are ready for the Protecting the Right to Organize Act at the federal level to allow more working people the freedom to join unions without fear and without retaliation.

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