Humor Sunday: Can I get a “RA-men” from the Congregation?

Reared in the spirit of ecumenical open-mindedness and deep spiritual curiosity, members of UUFF’s Youth Group have embarked on an exploration of Pastafarianism, the Church of the Flying Spaghetti Monster. This Sunday they’ll share what they’ve learned about the beliefs, spiritual practices and metaphysical implications of this surprisingly consequential new religion, which has entered the debate on evolution vs. intelligent design and been featured on The Colbert Report and Science Friday, among other media outlets. Speakers and lay leaders, UUFF Youth Group. Accompanist, Susan Grace.

Following the service there will be a spaghetti feed during which the microphone will be left on for anyone who has a favorite joke, funny story or poem to share. The spaghetti feed is a fundraiser for the Youth Group’s trip to the UUA General Assembly in Salt Lake City this summer.