An Audacious Leap of Faith

Program Leaders: Jeanne Olson & Susan Grace   Music: Marsha Sousa & Susan Grace

Superheroes have been relentlessly fighting Injustice and Tyranny even before Earth knew of Superman, Batman, Green Hornet, and Wonder Woman.  Facing impossible odds, superheroes often risk everything, and ask for nothing in return. They have specific character qualities that enable them to persevere and succeed.  Who is your Superhero? Who is your Solomon Grundy?  If you had the power to do anything you wanted, good or bad, how would you use that power? This Sunday, we’re inviting the younger generations to also join us to consider these thoughts and more, in a multi-generational service.   Don the attire of your favorite famous superhero or come as another yet-unrecognized-by-DC-Comics superhero.  (Hint: consider what your superpower is and then figure out your name). It’s promising to be the greatest assembly of superheroes on the Planet Earth…. right here at UUFF.

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