This Sunday: Maypole Celebration (followed by Potluck Picnic/BBQ)

Join us and bring a friend to our annual Maypole dance – an outdoor, intergenerational celebration of Spring’s arrival. Everyone from children to nonagenarians are encouraged to join in the dance. As the dance progresses the ribbons are braided onto the pole or into a web around the pole. The dancers then retrace their steps exactly in order to unravel the ribbons. We’ll try two or three different versions accompanied by country dance music played by members of the Fellowship. If you are a musician who wants to join in, contact Jana Peirce (488-8692) or Pete Bowers (455-6528) or just show up with your instrument. Lay leader, Jana Peirce. Music, UUFF Maypole Dance Band. After the maypole dance, we will continue the celebration with a community picnic and barbecue. Please bring a side dish or something for the grill. If you can help with the planning or the clean up, contact Frida Shroyer (460-5372).