More than the Sum of Our Wants

In a radical little movie last summer, the robot WALL-E helps humanity come to its senses after generations of luxurious meaninglessness. Our journey, too, can include learning to become “more than the sum of our wants.” Guest ministers, Revs. Barbara Wells ten Hove and Jaco B. ten Hove are both “homebred” UUs, were ordained in the mid-1980s, married in 1990 and served separate congregations in the Seattle area. During that time, they made a few trips up to Fairbanks to preach and teach. Then they began a co-ministry in Maryland in 1998, but last summer they returned to the Seattle area, now co-ministering at Cedars UU Church, on Bainbridge Island, Wash., so we lured them back to Fairbanks for a visit.
After the service, Barbara will meet with lay leaders and the program team for a lunchtime discussion on planning and leading meaningful worship services. Barbara recently received her Doctor of Ministry from Meadville/Lombard Seminary with an emphasis in worship. Jaco is available to meet with UU men interested in starting a UUFF men’s group or with other groups who have questions or issues to discuss with him. Lunch will be provided.