Chalice Lightings, Opening and Closing Words, Readings

UUA’s WorshipWeb includes a searchable collection of prayers, meditations, readings, and words to open or close your service. Entire services are also available.  See  Opening Words |  Meditations | Chalice Lightings | Closings | Readings

Global Chalice Lightings – Worship resources from the International Council of Unitarians and Universalists (ICUU). Includes a monthly series of globabl chalice lightings (in many languages) as well as sermons and other program materials.

Just Google on “UU Meditations” – Try including your theme in the search term. Remember to credit whoever’s words you use, no matter where you find them!

Books of meditations by UU ministers are available from Beacon Press and Skinner House Books. We have a small library you can check out, or buy some new ones and donate them to the library if you wish.