Looking for opportunities to become more involved and engaged in the UUFF community? Consider volunteering. Not surprisingly, there is always plenty to be done. If you don’t see anything that interests you listed below, call the office at 451-8838 or contact us by email.

Transgender Passport Initiative

US passport coverThe Unitarian Universalist Fellowship of Fairbanks found a way to create meaningful change for our transgender friends and neighbors.

Many transgender people do not have identification that includes their correct gender marker. This exposes them to discrimination and possible harm every time they must use their ID. Current federal policy allows transgender people to get a corrected U.S. passport if they have a letter from their healthcare provider. For many transgender people, this is the only form of corrected ID they are eligible for. Having a corrected passport is especially important in states with very restrictive policies for changing gender markers on state documents.

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Please join us for a fall Work Party – Saturday, September 4, from 1 – 5 pm! This is all part of the Green Sanctuary project list that you reviewed and supported last February and March. These projects will create better outdoor spaces for the fellowship to enjoy: Read More »

Whale Coast Alaska 2010!

Be a part of UUFF’s longtime biggest fundraiser! Get to meet other UUs from all around the United States! Whale Coast Alaska will host 32-34 guests this year from July 9-11.  We need lodging for 14 singles and 11 couples. (Half of these will arrive a day early and therefore require four nights lodging). This is a great way to support our fellowship. By providing lodging and some meals, UUFF and other UU fellowships in Alaska receive the funds these travelers would otherwise spend in hotels and restaurants during their Alaska visit.  Read on for more opportunities to be a part of the Whale Coast fun

Stone Soup Cafe – UUFF volunteer day has changed!

UUFFers have been helping out one day a month at the “Stone Soup Cafe” soup kitchen for several years. The volunteering continues, but the day has changed. We will now be volunteering there on the LAST Thursday of the month instead of the first, because that is a day when they typically have fewer volunteers. The Stone Soup Cafe is located in the basement of the Eagles Hall near the Wendell Street bridge. If you are interested in joining us, come by between 8 a.m. and noon. Most people stay about 2 hours, but any time you can spare is appreciated. If you’re interested in knowing more, talk to Suzanne and Phil Osborn, Peg Bowers, Betty Pixley, or Marilyn Russell. Come join us!

UUFF Needs a Treasurer Immediately!

The fellowship needs to have someone step forward and volunteer to be treasurer for the next two year term which begins July 1, 2010. Julia Stewart will not be on the ballot for the next term. In addition both Dana Richter and Julia will be gone April 23 through May 22. It would be nice to get someone started at on the job training for that month! Read More »

UUSC accepting donations for Haiti Earthquake Relief

If you’re looking for a way to help in Haiti but want your donation to get to those who need it most, consider donating through the UUSC/UUA Joint Haiti Earthquake Relief Fund. 92% of your donation goes to direct aid, and the UUSC focuses on working with local organizations and helping those who are often overlooked in large-scale relief operations. You can make a donation online or by check. Make checks payable to “UUSC/UUA Haiti Earthquake Relief Fund” and mail it to UUSC, P.O. Box 844001, Boston, MA 02284-4001. | FAQ about How UUSC Responds to Large-scale Disasters

Anchorage Gay Rights Ordinance: Lessons Learned and A Call To Action

This Sunday: Last summer the Anchorage Assembly faced one of it’s most controversial issues—whether to ban discrimination in the city based on sexual orientation. Assembly member Harriet Drummond will speak about her experience. Lay Leader, Mike Walleri. Speaker, Harriet Drummond. Accompanist, Vera Alexander.

After the service (12:30) there will be a “Community Conversation” on GLT issues and development of an action agenda. A light lunch will be provided. Potluck items appreciated.

UUFF Plant Nanny Wanted

This very simple, but very important weekly task needs a new volunteer. We need someone to water the indoor plants and perform the minor maintenance necessary to keep our sanctuary and foyer
adorned with healthy green, living plants. The plants need weekly watering and occasional trimming of dead leaves. Sharing is fine too — find another UUFFer who can alternate Sundays with you or just add to the fun. If you are interested, please contact Anna Plager or Suzanne Osborn, who helps with this task.

Chairpersons needed for Building Interior and Grounds Committees

COMMITTEE CHAIR NEEDED FOR BUILDING INTERIOR: Anna Plager will step down as Interiors Committee Chair at the end of December 2009. There is a 2-page activity guide for the Interiors Committee that can be used or revised by the incoming committee chair. Read More »

Open Position: Seeking treasurer for next year

Treasurer Julia Stewart is looking for someone who is willing to become treasurer next year. We have an accountant for the computer work. The treasurer must keep track of cash flow through the accounts and help plan the budget and chair the finance company. It requires 3-4 hours a week. If you think you could help, contact Julia in the office after services or contact us by email.