What Do UUs Believe? 

Credo is a Latin word that means “a set of fundamental beliefs or a guiding principle.” As a non-creedal religion, we don’t ask or expect everyone who calls themselves a Unitarian Universalist to believe the same thing. The absence of a denominational creed makes it difficult to be brief when trying to summarize what it is that UUs believe.

However, UUs do have personal creeds they live by, and some have formulated them in words to share with others. Here are a collection of personal statements from Unitarian Universalists both living and dead. Some answer the question, “What do I believe?” while others address the question, “What is Unitarian Universalism?” If you recognize yourself in many of these statements, you may be a Unitarian Universalist without knowing it.

We need not think alike to love alike.

— Francis David

The Unitarian side tells us that there is only one God, one spirit of life, one power of love. The Universalist side tells us that God is a loving God, condemning none of us, valuing the spark of divinity that is in every human being. So my version of what Unitarian Universalism stands for is, ‘One God, no one left behind.’

— William G. Sinkford

Unitarian Universalists share many scriptures, not just one, and a belief in the here and now, not just the hereafter. We value freedom, reason, tolerance and love as overarching values. We honor deeds, not creeds, as we try to live our faith. We believe everyone should be forthright about religious living by using that old ethic from high school math class, “show your work.” Ours is an evolutionary theology, understanding that language changes with time and growing awareness. In the final analysis, we believe we are saved by love and made holy by character.

— Daniel O’Connell

While obedience, love, and even submission each play a vital role in the life of faith, my current conviction is that our defining discipline should be gratitude. In the same way that Judaism is defined by obedience, Christianity by love, and Islam by submission, I believe that Unitarian Universalism should be defined by gratitude.

— Galen Guengerich

I believe it is our connections that make life meaningful: the ties of love that bind us to each other and whatever sense of connection we feel or yearn for with other living things and all that came before us or moves beyond us. As humans we have a deep spiritual need for connection. Read More »

— Jana Peirce

Unitarian Universalism is cooperation with a universe that created us. It is a celebration of life. It is being in love with goodness and justice. It is a sense of humor about absolutes. Read More »

— Ed Schempp

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  1. What is important to me about religious faith is not what people say they believe but how those beliefs inform and influence how they live. Deeds in this life, not creeds about the next, are what are important to me as the basis of faithful living.

What Do You Believe?