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Father’s Day

Fatherhood is ever changing as kids grow up. We are going to explore different stages of fatherhood by hearing from different fathers and how these different life stages change the role of a father and the adjustments that need to be made.

Parenting as a UU

Speaker: Bre Griffin  Since most Unitarian Universalists are still discovering our own spiritual beliefs, how do we teach our children values?  How do we answer some of the “big questions” when we don’t have an answer?  What do we do when our children adopt beliefs that differ from our own?  This week’s service is brought to you by your Director of Religious Exploration, Bre Griffin, and we will explore some of these parenting challenges.

JunePole Celebration

This Sunday we’ll celebrate our annual Maypole celebration….in June. The ground will be reliably thawed, and we can (almost) guarantee there won’t be snow. So bring a friend and come to our “Junepole” dance – an outdoor, intergenerational celebration of the return of greenness to our Northern home, with live music provided by members and friends of the Fellowship.  Everyone from children to nonagenarians is encouraged to join in. As the dance progresses the ribbons are braided onto the pole or into a web around the pole. The dancers then retrace their steps exactly in order to unravel the ribbons.

Summer Mindfulness

Speaker: Frida Shroyer. Thoughts on how to maintain spirituality as the hectic pace of the Alaskan summer increase and celebrate the summer season by sharing in a communion of birch sap. (Sap provided by Susan Grace’s trees)

New Starts/Letting Go

Listen to fellow UU’s share stories of letting go and starting anew.

Fairbanks Damp Shelter

Rev. Shirley Lee works for the Episcopal Diocese of Alaska and serves on the Ecumenical Mission for Shelter Board. She will share the status of the Fairbanks shelter that aims to serve homeless who are dealing with substance abuse issues.

UUFF Annual Meeting

Our annual UUFF business meeting will take place after a short service.  This meeting  is the one time a year when all members of the congregation come together to take part in the structure and governance of our fellowship.  We will receive reports from the various committees and groups, recognize those who actively take part, and vote on the posted by-law changes, and vote for new board members.  If you have other issues that need to be brought to the attention of the whole fellowship, the annual meeting is your best opportunity.  Unitarian Universalists operate under democratic process.  Come to the meeting and take part in that process!  Child care will be available, and lunch will be provided.

Easter Sunday

Many of us observe certain traditions that have been handed down to us by our parents and grandparents. What are the roots of these traditions? This program is an exploration of the multicultural origins of Easter traditions and the symbolism associated with these traditions.

Transitions and Milestones

Join us in celebrating the milestones and transitions in our Fellowship, our families, and our lives. This service will include a child dedication for families who request it.

Good Guilt/Bad Guilt

Sometimes guilt just gets in our way.  But sometimes it is important, even for UUs, to feel guilt when they do something wrong. Come explore this complicated topic.