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Understanding Gender/Increasing Compassion

Lay Leader: Lisa Sporleder  Speaker:  Hayden Nevill

Gender in our society is a deeply personal experience, and perceptions of gender color our social interactions. Understanding gender variance can be difficult even for the most compassionate of us. Joi us in challenging our notions of gender, and learn more about social and legal challenges faced by transgender people.


Global Peace Makers

Lay Leader: Loquin Britton  Speaker:  Susan Grace

Come learn about some of the Martin Luther King Jr., Peace Pilgrim’s and Gandhi’s of the world today…look and see them all around us!

Celebrating Simple Gifts

Lay Leader: Frida Shroyer  Speaker:  Susan Grace

Come enjoy fellow UU members as they perform “Star Mother’s Youngest Child” as a play, based on the book by Louise Moeri.  Bring a simple gift wrapped for re-gifting if you would like to share with others.  We will have a gift swap and sharing at the end of the service.

The Road Not Taken

Lay Leader: Hayden Nevill  Speaker:  Jana Peirce

There are clear points along the history of our life where we have stood squarely at a crossroads. Two paths beckoned, but we had to choose a particular path. As we look forward to the new year, we’ll start by looking back to explore the interesting paths we’ve taken that got us where we are. Come with your story. This service will be a discussion that all can participate in.

Christmas Day Potluck and Caroling

Christmas Day, Sunday December 25th at UUFF will be an informal gathering with an “unprogram” beginning at our regular time of 1030 a.m. Many UU congregations have chosen  alternative services for this day, and we felt that it was important to offer something especially for families looking for something traditional, or for people who are alone and want somewhere to go. We’ll start off with a brunch. Laurel Holmes has some carols for those who are in a festive mood and want to sing around the piano. Or, perhaps we can stroll across the parking lot to the Princess Hotel and sing a few carols to the residents and employees. So, whether there are 3 or 30 people, there will be a gathering and it will be festive, fun and impromptu. Organizers for this day are Lisa Sporleder and Jeanne Olson.

Winter Solstice Celebration

Lay Leader: Phil Osborn  Special Guests:  Soaring Eagle Drummers  Animal Rights Observer: Jeanne Olson

UUFF observes solstice 2011 (our 55th) on December 18. The midpoint of the winter, the pause, the chance to reflect, to dream, to celebrate the mystery of returning life, envelopes us in its’ spell. Come warm your hearts, come to hear the Soaring Eagle Drummers, come to knit the fabric of our community in this multigenerational service.

Unto Us a Child is Born

Celebrant: Rev. Sarah Schurr  Lay Leader:  John Peirce

Come celebrate a Christmas service, multigenerational, complete with the nativity story, from a UU perspective.


Celebrant: Rev. Sarah Schurr Lay Leader: Peg Bowers 

The world is full of scary things, from stories of zombies to the reality of change.  Rev. Sarah Schurr will reflect on the role of fear in our lives and how our faith can help us cope.

Thanksgiving Leftovers

Speaker: Mike Bonilla   Lay Leader: Cam Leonard

A Theology of Gratitude

Speaker: Jana Peirce Lay Leader: Lisa Sporleder

 Galen Guengerich, minister of All Souls Unitarian Church in New York City, believes gratitude or should be the defining religious principle of Unitarian Universalism. Adopting gratitude as a discipline—or daily practice—reminds us how utterly dependent we are on the people and world around us for everything that matters. From this flows an ethic of gratitude that obligates us to create a future that justifies a sense of gratitude from the human family and demands that we nurture the world that nurtures us in return. Today we will learn more about the idea of gratitude as a practice and an ethic, nurturing our own sens of awe and obligation.