The Northern Log

UUFF publishes a monthly newsletter, the Northern Log, which is distributed electronically and by mail. Each issue has a calendar for the coming month, descriptions of upcoming services, and current news about Religious Exploration (RE) classes, chalice circles, social activities, etc. Occasionally, there is also some regional and national UU news and opportunities. There’s always a letter from the fellowship’s president. To receive the link to download each month’s newsletter, join the Announcements email list. Print copies of the current newsletter are available in the foyer. Contact us if you prefer to get the newsletter by mail (or if you would like to receive only the newsletter emails, and not other UUFF announcements). Non-members who elect to get the newsletter by mail will be asked to pay a small annual subscription fee to cover printing and mailing costs.

2 Comments to “The Northern Log”

  1. Andrea B. Says:

    I am hoping to start attending your service soon. I was hoping to look at the newsletter to see what was going on. My kids have never been to a religious service so I am a bit apprehensive which is why we thought your inclusive community may be best.

  2. iiAdmin Says:

    Thanks Andrea. I’ll send you a copy of the latest newsletter by email. We try to create a very safe and accepting place for kids and families to explore religious ideas and become part of a community working to make our community and the world a better place.