What’s New 

RE This Week 

Preschool – Robin and Conal will be working with our preschool class this week
Elementary – Terry and a helper will be talking about el Dia de los Muertos
Middle School – will not meet this week, please join your parents in the service.
YRUU will meet with Bre this week DURING the service. Read More »

This Sunday: Bringing Down Barriers – The Fall of the Berlin Wall 

In November 1989 the Berlin Wall fell symbolizing the end of the cold war. Rich Seifert was in Prague and the Czech republic just before the wall came down, and in Germany on a Fulbright scholarship ten years after. Today he will speak about the immediate and long-term effects in Germany and abroad. Speaker, Rich Seifert. Lay Leader, Michael Ream. Music, Susan Grace.

RE This Week 

  • Preschoolers will be supervised by Mikayla and Jeffrey this week.
  • Mike and Liz will be teaching the Elementary Class and talking about the Good and Bad of Sports, so if you have any sports magazines or articles to share, please bring those to class.
  • Middle School will not meet this week.  Please enjoy the service with your family.
  • YRUU (high school) will not meet this week.  Please enjoy the service with your family. Read More »

Join the Green Sanctuary Movement 

Green Sanctuary resumes. That’s re-zooms, not reh-zoo-mays, in case you were wondering.  With the upcoming world-wide attention on October 24th, 350 Day (see www.350.org), it reminds us that we have no time to waste.  The Green Sanctuary Committee will reconvene for their first meeting of the season on Thursday, October 29th, at Gulliver’s Second Story Cafe back room at 11:30 AM.  We welcome new, interested planet-lovers to join us for a strategy-storming session on how to kick-off our UUFF efforts this winter. Read More »

This Sunday: A Raging Debate – Health Care Reform & Our Community 

Roughly $2.5 trillion is at stake, the amount the nation spends each year on health care, nearly a fifth of the American economy. Politicians, the nation’s doctors, and the public (especially the 50 million uninsured) have a vested interest in the outcome of this heated debate. How could reform affect practitioners, the public, and the insurance industry? Speaker and lay leader, Penni Haskins. Accompanist, Vera Alexander.

Membership Updates 

There will be a list will be set out in the foyer for updating your information.  Please proof your items and let us know of any changes that need to be made.

2009 KUAC Pledge Drive at UUFF 

Once again, UUFF will be sponsoring its own KUAC Pledge Drive to support our underwriting habit.  For most of the past decade UUFF has sponsored Weekend Edition on Saturday and Sunday mornings. We can afford to do this by laundering your KUAC donations through the Fellowship. If you will be giving to KUAC anyway, consider making your donation through the Fellowship. (If you weren’t planning on giving to KUAC this year, please consider it. You can help two great organizations at once.) Here’s how it works. Read More »

Need Volunteers to Answer KUAC Phones 

UUFF has signed up to answer phones at KUAC on Saturday, October 24, from 7:00 to 10:00 am. (Note: That’s the 2nd weekend of the pledge drive.) We’ll be looking for 4 people to take pledge calls. Contact us if you are interested. We’ll send a confirmation email in return with more information.

RE This Week 

Remember to get your completed Registration form (if your child has never been registered in the RE program) or check that your Registration information is complete, as well as your child’s Safety and Behavior Covenant turned in to Bre or the RE table. As soon as I receive that information, your child will have a name tag to wear on Sunday mornings. Also, make sure to sign your child into the attendance notebook before services start so we have an idea of how many children will be in each class. Read on to find out what each class is doing this week. Read More »

This Sunday: Beware the Book! 

“Books are one of the first places where knowledge and history are kept, and we go back to build on that knowledge and experience. To censor or block published word keeps society from possible growth.”  – Kimmetha Herndon

There is nothing quite like banning a book, or declaring it dangerous, to increase that book’s sales. Sometimes however, nobody notices and the banned book stays lost to a school, library, or community. Let us celebrate our right to the power of literature and make known the dangers that exist when restraints are imposed on access to information in a free society. Presenter, June Pinnell-Stephens. Lay Leader, Jeanne Olson. Accompanists, Laurel Holmes & Susan Grace.