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Stone Soup Cafe – UUFF volunteer day has changed! 

UUFFers have been helping out one day a month at the “Stone Soup Cafe” soup kitchen for several years. The volunteering continues, but the day has changed. We will now be volunteering there on the LAST Thursday of the month instead of the first, because that is a day when they typically have fewer volunteers. The Stone Soup Cafe is located in the basement of the Eagles Hall near the Wendell Street bridge. If you are interested in joining us, come by between 8 a.m. and noon. Most people stay about 2 hours, but any time you can spare is appreciated. If you’re interested in knowing more, talk to Suzanne and Phil Osborn, Peg Bowers, Betty Pixley, or Marilyn Russell. Come join us!

Voices of the Elders on Climate Change – Friday at 7 p.m. 

Join us Friday night at 7 p.m. for Larry Merculieff’s presentation, “Voices of the Aleut Elders for Modern Times/Unungan Ulaazaaz Tunnu Uyam.”  Aleut and other Alaska Native elders carry a deep wisdom about life and Creation from oral histories and life experiences that are sometimes referred to as the “Original Instructions” and “Natural Laws” given to human beings to guide us on how to live in harmony with the Earth and all her creatures. Larry will talk about Elder wisdom as it applies to modern day challenges of Climate Change and human-caused destruction of the planet.  This event is sponsored by the UUFF Green Sanctuary Team as part of its Environmental Justice efforts to broaden our knowledge and connection to Climate Change and its impacts to human and other species. We hope you’ll join us in the sanctuary for Larry’s powerful talk.

UUFF Needs a Treasurer Immediately! 

The fellowship needs to have someone step forward and volunteer to be treasurer for the next two year term which begins July 1, 2010. Julia Stewart will not be on the ballot for the next term. In addition both Dana Richter and Julia will be gone April 23 through May 22. It would be nice to get someone started at on the job training for that month! Read More »

It’s time to Pledge Your Financial Support for UUFF 

Watch your mail for the annual letter requesting your pledge of support. As soon as the finance committee approves a suggested budget, we’ll figure the needed pledge per family and be making our annual plea. The national UUA office suggests that families try to pledge 2.5 to 5% of their income to UU support. They are keeping their fee at $56 per member. Our proposed budget will include new funding for a conflict resolution team and we’ll keep most other funding close to what it is this year.

Reflections on Easter 

The celebration of Easter is one of the central religious-based holidays in American culture. Easter is rooted in Judaic Christian traditions, but has grown larger in meaning and significance based upon our family of origins celebrations. Our service will explore the personal meanings of the Easter/Passover celebration through stories, sharing poetry and song. We will have some Easter treats for all ages! Speaker: Congregation Members. Lay Leader: Mike Walleri. Accompanist: Marsha Sousa.

Life Behind the Wall 

This Sunday: How do the people of Palestine deal with colonial military occupation? What is daily life like for people imprisoned within their own country? Rob Mulford will share what he has learned on visits to Israel and Palestine. Speaker, Rob Mulford. Lay Leader, AnnMarie Licari.

Our Mental Health 

This Sunday: This program will focus on understanding mental health as a medical condition and not a mental failing.  Mike will also discuss personal struggles with mental health and how inaction can have serious consequences. Speaker, Mike Bonilla. Lay Leader, Loquin Britton.

Applied Spirituality 

This Sunday: “Applied Spirituality” is an attempt to assist and encourage individuals to define and clarify such terms as “belief, faith, and practice” in a holistic method. Spirituality looks at attempts at changing ourself, our neighbor, both our neighbor and ourself, or to do nothing; but to do nothing is to do something. Examples of holistic evaluation, spiritual practices, and suggestions for study in terms of classical spiritual exercise as well as contemporary spiritual leaders form a portion of the program. Speaker, Montie Slusher. Lay Leader, Julia Stewart. Pianist, Susan  Johnson.

Green Is The Color We Choose 

This Sunday: The UUFF embarked on a Journey last year to GO GREEN — to build an awareness and understanding of how we can reduce our overall footprint on the Earth and follow it up with appropriate action.  We are pursuing the Green Sanctuary certification offered by UUA and we already have a really good start in that direction.  This Sunday, the UUFF Green Sanctuary Committee (Green Team) will present the two-year action plan for our fellowship that will lead to certification and we want your input on the Action Plan!  The Green Team will present proposed activities for UUFF in four areas:  Worship & Spiritual Practice; Religious Education; Environmental Justice; Sustainable Living.  Come lend your voice to encourage us to take action towards greater stewardship of our planet.  Lay leaders and Presenters:  UUFF Green Sanctuary Committee (Green Team). Music: Susan Grace.

Amazing Faith 

This Sunday: Did you know church attendees have lower rates of heart disease and stroke, survive longer with less disability and enjoy better emotional health than less frequent attendees? An examination of how health is affected by the faith of both theists and non-theists. You may be surprised. Speaker, Ed McLaughlin.  Lay Leader, Laurel McLaughlin. Accompanist, Vera Alexander.