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Whale Coast Alaska 2010! 

Be a part of UUFF’s longtime biggest fundraiser! Get to meet other UUs from all around the United States! Whale Coast Alaska will host 32-34 guests this year from July 9-11.  We need lodging for 14 singles and 11 couples. (Half of these will arrive a day early and therefore require four nights lodging). This is a great way to support our fellowship. By providing lodging and some meals, UUFF and other UU fellowships in Alaska receive the funds these travelers would otherwise spend in hotels and restaurants during their Alaska visit.  Read on for more opportunities to be a part of the Whale Coast fun

Being HUUman 

This Sunday: Humanism is a progressive philosophy of life that, without theism and other supernatural beliefs, affirms our ability and responsibility to lead ethical lives of personal fulfillment that aspire to the greater good of humanity from the AHA.  The Humanist Manifesto, published in May of1933, was substantially rooted in Unitarianism. Fifteen of the original thirty-four signers were Unitarian ministers; another was a Universalist.  The principles laid out in the newest iteration of the Humanist Manifesto still strike a resonant chord with Unitarian Universalists, many of them similar to our 7 principles. Speaker, Murray Richmond. Lay Leader,  Shaun Lott.  Pianist,  Susan.

Annual Meeting 2010: Your voice and vote are needed! 

This Sunday: UUFF is a self-supporting congregation that governs itself on democratic principles, seeking consensus on major issues. Our Annual Meeting, held each year in April or May is the one day we come together to elect board members, hear about our financial health, approve a budget for the coming year, and address any issues of governance or congregational life that have been raised by the board or by individual members. All are invited to attend and all who have been members since March 23, 2010, are eligible to vote on any motions. Lunch will be provided.

12p Discussion of proposed UUFF conflict policy 

Members of the UUFF Conflict Management Task Force will be available after service on May 16 to discuss the proposed UUFF Policy on Addressing Conflict. We will provide an overview of what is in the policy for those who haven’t had a chance to review it. We’ll also be available to hear members’ comments or concerns, and to answer any questions on the policy, which members will be asked to approve at the Annual Meeting on May 23 (Note: the Annual Meeting is NOT on May 30 as previously publicized). Read More »

Optimism and U(Us) 

This Sunday: Optimism runs rampant among Unitarian Universalists! Historically and in the present, the concept of optimism fits nicely with the Seven Principles and UUFF’s forward focus. Come learn more about optimism and how you can be more optimistic (and thus healthier and happier) in your life. Speaker, Beth Zeigler. Lay Leader, Heather Neville.

Mother’s Day: Parenting from the Bench 

This Sunday: Mother’s Day is a celebration and honoring of parents, but we should not loose site of parents’ obligations to their children.  Today, the most common matters heard by our courts are divorce, custody and domestic violence issues that involve child custody issues.  These matters routinely deal with disputes between parents over the care, custody, and related parenting issues.  These disputes affect entire family systems, including grandparents, aunts and uncles and siblings.  Ms. Rasley has been a Magistrate in Fairbanks dealing with domestic violence and child custody issues for many years. Before going to the bench Ms. Rasely was an attorney dealing with Child in Need of Aid, Indian Child Welfare, and other family law issues.  She will talk about her perceptions of parenting in Fairbanks acquired from her view from the bench. Speaker, Rasley. Lay Leader, Mike Walleri.

Universalist Tent Revival 

This Sunday: In the days of itinerant preachers roaming the American hinterlands, Universalists offered a kinder, gentler alternative to the message of humankind’s inherent unworthiness and the redemptive god of the barnstorming revivals of the times.  The strains of Universalism…The Other “U” in UU…run strong through the UU faith today. We will end this service with our annual Birch Syrup Communion. This Sunday is Lo Carbon Sunday. Please consider riding your bike or car pooling to service. Speaker, Peter Pierson. Accompanist, Vera Alexander.

Why Do We Care? 

This Sunday: Mother Earth will wrap us in her web of interdependence and bring home our U-U 7th Principle. On this Sunday we will honor Earth Day with an assortment of UUFF members sharing “why they care about the Earth” and believe in the “Respect for the interdependent web of all existence of which we are a part.” Lay Leader, Laurel McLauhglin. Speakers, Green Team and UUFF members. Music, Susan Grace. Read More »

Special Collection for Malawi Children’s Village 

At the April 11th service, UUFF will take a special collection to support the work of the Malawi Children’s Village, a Malawi-run program with strong Alaska ties. Founded in 1996 to help the growing number of Malawian children orphaned by AIDS, it now supports over 2,000 orphans in 37 villages. Its mission is a to provide home-based care for orphaned and other vulnerable children from birth to eighteen years, including shelter, food, safety, health care and education, until they can live healthy, independent lives. Read More »

In the Warm Heart of Africa: A rich people poor in resources 

This Sunday: AIDS is changing the fabric of African cultural, social and economic life. In Malawi, there are now 750,000 AIDS orphans and the number is still growing. A landlocked country in Southeast Africa, Malawi is one of the poorest areas and hardest hit by the AIDS epidemic. What can we do? Tom Nighswander, a former Peace Corps volunteer in Malawi, talks compellingly and compassionately about life and times in “The Warm Heart of Africa” and on the importance of just showing up. Lay leader, Jana Peirce. Pianist, Susan Johnson. Read More »