Meg Barnhouse Concert 

Meg concert poster

Getting to Know You: Understanding the Holy in Our Relationships With Others 

Lay Leaders: Jana Peirce and Laenne Thompson. How much do you know about your fellow UUFF members and friends? This Sunday we’ll have an opportunity to get to know each other better and out Whale Coast guests. Learn about each other’s past and what gives meaning to our lives.

Speaking Truth to Power (Rev. Sarah Schurr) 

This Sunday: Sometimes being a good citizen means speaking up when those in charge have fallen from the path (Rev. Sarah Schurr). This service is in partnership with the “Climate Change Discussion: Turn Learning Into Action” sponsored by the Green Team after the service.

We Could Do Better 

This Sunday: In honor of Martin Luther King Day, Rev. Schurr will share the proud and the not so proud legacy the Unitarian Universalists have in the field of Civil Rights and the African American Community

Humor Sunday: Bring a joke or humorous story 

A sense of humor may be essential to the enjoyment of life.  Humor can relieve stress, enhance relationships, and possibly increase energy.  Laughter is a gift that allows us to keep our hearts light, even at the most difficult of times.  Today several members of the congregation share what tickles their funny bone.   Congregation Participation. Lay Leader,  Lisa Sporleder.  Pianist,  Susan Johnson. Greeter,  Loquin Britton.  Children’s story,   Shaun Lott.