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Green Is The Color We Choose 

This Sunday: The UUFF embarked on a Journey last year to GO GREEN — to build an awareness and understanding of how we can reduce our overall footprint on the Earth and follow it up with appropriate action.  We are pursuing the Green Sanctuary certification offered by UUA and we already have a really good start in that direction.  This Sunday, the UUFF Green Sanctuary Committee (Green Team) will present the two-year action plan for our fellowship that will lead to certification and we want your input on the Action Plan!  The Green Team will present proposed activities for UUFF in four areas:  Worship & Spiritual Practice; Religious Education; Environmental Justice; Sustainable Living.  Come lend your voice to encourage us to take action towards greater stewardship of our planet.  Lay leaders and Presenters:  UUFF Green Sanctuary Committee (Green Team). Music: Susan Grace.

Amazing Faith 

This Sunday: Did you know church attendees have lower rates of heart disease and stroke, survive longer with less disability and enjoy better emotional health than less frequent attendees? An examination of how health is affected by the faith of both theists and non-theists. You may be surprised. Speaker, Ed McLaughlin.  Lay Leader, Laurel McLaughlin. Accompanist, Vera Alexander.

Love is Like a Box of Chocolates 

This Sunday: We know what Hallmark and Hollywood think, but what does love mean to you? Not just gooey romantic love, but all those other, less-celebrated varieties as well. We’ve asked an assortment of people to give us their thoughts on love in word, verse and song, each in 1-3 minute bite-sized morsels. The choir has also prepared a special treat. This will be our sixth annual “Love is Like a Box of Chocolates” Valentine’s celebration. While not everyone may get a Valentine with their name on it this year, everyone who joins us this Sunday will at least get a piece of chocolate. As Lucy says in Peanuts, “All I really need is love, but a little chocolate now and then doesn’t hurt!” Lay leader, Jana Peirce. Accompanist, Marsha Sousa. An assortment of speakers.

Spirit in Stone: Activating the Crystal Energy Connection 

This Sunday: George and Leslie LaBar of Earth Link Jewelry are known for their work with stones, crystals and other raw materials of the earth. They are avid rockhounds, lapidary artisans, naturalists and outdoor enthusiasts. George & Leslie regularly share their insights, stories and expertise in stone energy work, as well as educate people about exploring the wild lands of Alaska. They will be speaking about connecting with the energy of stones, crystals and the natural world to enhance well-being, raise personal vibration and advance spiritual growth. They will close their presentation with a guided meditation called “The Earth Hug,” and hope you will join them in linking yourself to stones, crystals and the natural world. Speakers: George & Leslie LaBar. Lay Leader: Jeanne Olson.

Celebrity as Modern Folk Morality Play: What Can UUs Learn From Paris Hilton? 

The modern fascination with Reality TV and the superficial antics of Michael Jackson, Tiger Woods, and Paris Hilton provide titillation for many, but may offer more significance to the thoughtful. Since the Pilgrims, a defining aspect of American culture has been a fascination with the morality play as a means of transmitting common moral values through the use of negative role modeling. Today’s pervasive tabloid culture may perform a similar function, and offer insight into dominate shared secular values of our emerging post-industrial society. Lay Leader, Mike Bonilla. Speaker, Mike Walleri. Children’s Story, Heather Neville. Accompanist, Marsha Sousa.

Celebrating our Unitarian Universalist Heroes 

This Sunday: Come as one of your UU heroes and participate in the service: Bring a reading by your hero, dress up, share how you are inspired by them, or whatever else you think of. You can learn more about Famous UUs at Read More »

Martin Luther King speaks to Unitarians 

This Sunday: In May 1966, Martin Luther King, Jr., gave the Ware Lecture to the General Assembly, the annual meeting of the Unitarian Universalist Association. It was a turbulent time — only a year after the Selma to Montgomery march, and the death of UU minister James Reeb following the march. The Voting Rights Act had passed the previous year, and King was turning his efforts to end discrimination in housing and employment. Brian Rogers will present excerpts from King’s lecture to UUs. Speaker: Brian Rogers, Lay Leader: Jeanne Olson, Music: Susan Grace.

Anchorage Gay Rights Ordinance: Lessons Learned and A Call To Action 

This Sunday: Last summer the Anchorage Assembly faced one of it’s most controversial issues—whether to ban discrimination in the city based on sexual orientation. Assembly member Harriet Drummond will speak about her experience. Lay Leader, Mike Walleri. Speaker, Harriet Drummond. Accompanist, Vera Alexander.

After the service (12:30) there will be a “Community Conversation” on GLT issues and development of an action agenda. A light lunch will be provided. Potluck items appreciated.

Three years and counting? 

This Sunday: The Mayan “Long Count” comes to a close on December 20, 2012. This has led to predictions ranging from the serious to the absurd. So what does it mean, if the End is near? Speaker, Shane Hurd. Lay Leader, Kristi Hurd. Accompanist, Laurel Holmes. The first Sunday of the month is Lo-carbon Sunday. Please consider car pooling or (brrrrr) biking to service. Check out the Ridesharing Map to see who’s in your neighborhood.

The Art of Receiving 

This Sunday: Giving and receiving are fundamental aspects of experience, connecting all life in an interdependent web. Recall the adage: “It’s better to give than to receive.” Extolling giving has become part of the moral code around the world – but is it really better than receiving. What can receiving with grace and gratitude do for us? Speaker, Jeff Merkel. Lay Leader, Kathryn Dodge.