We are welcoming, open and affirming to all. Our services begin at 10:30 a.m. Sundays. Religious exploration for school-age children and childcare for preschoolers are available from September to May. Learn more about us and what happens Sundays at UUFF.

Our growing Unitarian Universalist fellowship is led by Rev. Leslie Ahuvah Fails, who joined UUFF in September 2015.  About half our Sunday Services are lay led or feature guest speakers, ensuring a diversity of topics and voices.

Water Communion

Leaders: Rev. Leslie Ahuvah Fails and Laurie Walton

Each year as we gather in the fall, it is our custom to offer water as a symbol of our connection one to the other. This year there will be 4 periods of water sharing during the service. We may be sharing where the water came from but perhaps more importantly, what this water means to you … what it symbolizes in our lives together .

Please bring a small container of water from a place special to you, anywhere from your dog’s water dish to your favorite fish camp, deep in the wilderness.

The Trajectory of our Faith

Lay Leaders: Jana Peirce, Marsha Sousa, and Hayden Nevill

Join Jana Peirce, Marsha Sousa, and Hayden Nevill as they share messages from our recent General Assembly in New Orleans.

There will be a special collection at this service for the UUSC’s efforts to assist the folks affected by Hurricane Harvey.

A Revolution of the Heart

Minister: Rev. Leslie Ahuvah Fails  Lay Leader: Jana Peirce

The greatest challenge of the day is: how to bring about a revolution of the heart, a revolution which has to start with each one of us?” – Dorothy Day. We are called to work for a just and peaceful world, yet we live in a society that actively encourages us to ignore the suffering of others. As Labor Day approaches, we’ll draw inspiration from the example of Dorothy Day, the founder of the Catholic Worker movement who dedicated her life to serving the poor and challenging injustice wherever she found it — including within the church that she loved.

Kim Richey Concert at the Blue Loon


UUFF is sponsoring a concert that is being given at the Blue Loon. This concert has the potential to be a good fundraiser for UUFF. Can you help? We are in need of volunteers to help with putting up posters and other advertising, selling tickets, running the door on the night of the concert, and selling CDs. If you can help, or for more information, please contact Leif Thompson at leifjam@nullgmail.com or call 456-2540.

Who: Kim Richey
What: Concert by this two-time Grammy winning singer-songwriter. www.kimrichey.com
When: Thursday, August 24th at 7:30 p.m.
Where: The Blue Loon, Parks Highway, Ester
Cost: $25

With your help, we can make this a successful venture!

Blessing of the Animals

Minister: Rev. Leslie Ahuvah Fails  Lay Leader: Cam Leonard

Inspired by St. Francis of Assisi, the patron saint of animals and the environment, Unitarian Universalists gather once a year to celebrate the creatures who accompany us through life. Whether they walk, swim, hop, crawl, scamper, or fly, your animal friends are welcome to join us in “paw-son” for a special service of blessing (as long as they play well with others). You can also bring a photograph of your animal friend, or of beloved pets who have passed on. This service will honor them all.

Beyond #Blessed

Minister: Rev. Leslie Ahuvah Fails  Lay Leader: Mike West

What does it mean to be a people of blessing? During today’s Time for All Ages, we’ll be celebrating our first annual “Blessing of the Backpacks.” Whether you’re heading back to school, homeschool, or grad school, bring your backpack — or your pencil bag, laptop, or favorite notebook — for a blessing as you prepare to carry your UU faith with you into the new academic year.

Faith, Hope and God (or Lack Thereof)

Speaker: Maia Peirce   Lay Leader: Lisa Sporleder Music: Vera Alexander

Personal theological reflections on finding faith as a pantheist.

A Place in the Choir

Minister: Rev. Jason Shelton Lay leader: Jana Peirce

There’s truth in that old saying about preaching to the choir. They’re the ones who show up no matter what, when times are hard or tempers thin.

What We Sing Is Who We Are

 On Saturday July 22 from 1-3pm, Rev. Jason Shelton will be offering a music workshop. Music plays a unique role in the life of a religious community, and especially in Unitarian Universalism. Come find out why that is, and explore strategies for growing our faith and our congregations through singing. Oh, and of course there will be lots of singing!

Next Generation Church

Minister: Rev. Jason Shelton  Lay Leader: Holly Blood Music: Jake Svendsen

Is Unitarian Universalism a faith for kids? How might we practice a faith into which they’ll want to grow? The service will include our annual Child Dedication, a time for celebrating and welcoming our children into the world, into the family and into the church community.