We are welcoming, open and affirming to all. Our services begin at 10:30 a.m. Sundays. Religious exploration for school-age children and childcare for preschoolers are available from September to May. Learn more about us and what happens Sundays at UUFF.

Our growing Unitarian Universalist fellowship is led by a interim minister, Rev. Beatrice Hitchcock, who travels to Fairbanks one week each month from her home in at the base of Sheep Mountain off the Glenn Highway. In between visits, she is available for consultation and pastoral care by phone and email. Other services are lay led or feature guest ministers, ensuring a diversity of topics and voices.

Celebrating the Power of Words

Lay Leader: Susan Grace

Bring your favorite poem (or two) to read and share with the Fellowship and share what this poem means to you. Poetry can be powerful, delightful, dreamy, funny, stir emotions and make us think.

Exploring Buddhism

Lay Leader: Michael Bonilla Speaker: Susan Kessler

Explore the basic Buddhist beliefs of rebirth, karma, the four noble truths, and other fundamental beliefs.

Wag the Dog

Lay Leader: Micheal Albin Speaker: Jeanne Olson

A program about truth and justice and other special effects.

Flower Communion

Lay Leader: Lisa Sporleder

We will be sharing our annual Flower Communion with our Whale Coast guests this year.  Please join us for this most Unitarian of traditions as we celebrate the diversity of nature and of us all.  Bring a flower for the bouquet.  It can be from your garden, from the side of the road, or from the grocery store.  If you can bring more than one flower, not only will our bouquet be even more lovely, but it will also ensure that our visitors on theWhaleCoasttour can take part in the ceremony.

Gathered Here, an Appreciative Inquiry

Lay Leaders: Frida Shroyer, Jana Peirce, and Bre Griffin

Jana Peirce, Bre Griffin, and Frida Shroyer will share information about this program and discuss how UUFF can begin conversations of this type of thoughtful exchange in our fellowship. ‘Gathered Here’ is a UUA initiative that encourages community conversations. It is nation-wide sharing and listening campaign designed to help UUs share experiences and hopes through “Community Conversations”.