We are welcoming, open and affirming to all. Our services begin at 10:30 a.m. Sundays. Religious exploration for school-age children and childcare for preschoolers are available from September to May. Learn more about us and what happens Sundays at UUFF.

Our growing Unitarian Universalist fellowship is led by a interim minister, Rev. Beatrice Hitchcock, who travels to Fairbanks one week each month from her home in at the base of Sheep Mountain off the Glenn Highway. In between visits, she is available for consultation and pastoral care by phone and email. Other services are lay led or feature guest ministers, ensuring a diversity of topics and voices.

Wisdom in the Neighborhood

Fred Rogers helped to raise many generations of children in kindness and respect for others. Come hear Rev. Schurr speak about Mr. Rogers and his unique community ministry, as well as some unique UU community ministries in this district.  In this service we will also welcome those who joined our congregation in the past 12 months. Lay Leader: Cam Leonard.  Speaker: Rev. Sarah Schurr.


Environmental Healing: Restoring Community After an Oil Spill

Technological disasters like oil spills create significant emotional and sociological wounds. Community healing is particularly difficult when safety concerns restrict the participation of local residents in clean-up efforts. Involving local residents in caring for oiled wildlife strengthens community bonds and honors the interdependent web of all existence of which we are a part. Lay Leader: John Peirce. Speaker: Hayden Nevill.

Faith and Madness

Lay Leaders: Ed and Laurel McLaughlin  Accompanist: Vera Alexander

The relationship between faith and madness, and how it affects world peace.

Hospitality as a Spiritual Practice

Lay Leaders: Dave Frey and Marilyn Richardson  Speakers: Eve Southiere, John Peirce, Phil Osborn, and Dave Frey

The art of hospitality is generosity at its most deeply personal level. Marilyn Richardson and Dave Frey will explore the significance of hospitality as a spiritual practice. Several speakers will give examples of how their experience of hospitality has impacted their lives.

Famous Unitarian Universalist Women

Lay Leader: Frida Shroyer  Speakers: Julia Stewart, Jen Wagaman, Monte Jordon, and Suzanne Osborn

Several members of our fellowship introduce you to famous Unitarian Universalist women and some others we claim.