This Sunday 

Getting Through The Darkness 

Lay Leader: Susan Grace Speaker:  Sally Fenno

Join Sally Fenno as we look at change in our lives that we have to live with.  Change that is; cyclic like the cold and darkness of winter.  Change that is; temporary like a health issue, sprained ankle, depression, job or housing issue.  Change that is permanent; such as a death or a major loss.  Sally has years of experience and will share ideas and suggestions as we discuss getting through the dark times.

Love is Like a Box of Chocolates 

Speaker:  Invited guests from the fellowship Lay Leader: Jana Peirce

A heart shaped box of chocolates brings thoughts of romance and candlelight and, well…er, Hallmark and Whitman’s Candies.  Valentines Day has become commercialized—or maybe it started out that way—but our lives are nonetheless filled with the genuine article: love in all its complexity and variation. We will spend some time today exploring the many shapes love assumes in our lives – love of parents and children, pets or cheese, and yes, even the romantic variety that gets so much air play.

We’ve asked an assortment of people to give us their thoughts on love — in word, verse and song — each in 1-3 minute bite-sized morsels. And when they are through everyone will get a piece of chocolate as part of the chocolate communion that concludes our service. As Lucy says in Peanuts, “All I really need is love, but a little chocolate now and then doesn’t hurt!”

Wildness and Wilderness 

Lay Leader: Pam Miller  Speaker:  Rev. Sarah Schurr

How do the wild and the natural world feed our spirit and inform our answers to life’s big questions?   This will also be the topic of the Chalice Circles for the week.  Rev. Sarah will be in the pulpit.


Lay Leader: Julia Stewart Speaker:  Rev. Sarah Schurr

What does it take for a UU Fellowship to be sustainable?  We can we do our part for a more sustainable environmental impact.  More than that, what would it look like if we were financially sustainable, sustainable in our membership, and sustainable in our volunteerism?  How about sustainability in our faith and our spiritual lives?  Rev. Sarah will share this sermon, which was suggested by Julia Stewart after purchasing a sermon choice in the UUFF silent auction.


Meditation for Every Day 

Lay Leader: Mike Bonilla  Speaker:  Kirsten Nielson

Dr. Kirsten Nielsen received her doctorate in Naturopathic Medicine from Bastyr University. She has received advanced training in psychology, nutrition and reproductive health. She received training in meditation and biofeedback as treatments for a wide variety of chronic illnesses. Recognizing the impacts of stress and mental-emotional imbalance on the development of illness, Dr. Nielsen regularly includes meditation and other stress management techniques with her patients. She has had years of personal experience with the benefits of meditation and stress management in her own life. Dr. Nielsen currently practices at the Alaska Center for Natural Medicine.


Understanding Gender/Increasing Compassion 

Lay Leader: Lisa Sporleder  Speaker:  Hayden Nevill

Gender in our society is a deeply personal experience, and perceptions of gender color our social interactions. Understanding gender variance can be difficult even for the most compassionate of us. Joi us in challenging our notions of gender, and learn more about social and legal challenges faced by transgender people.


Global Peace Makers 

Lay Leader: Loquin Britton  Speaker:  Susan Grace

Come learn about some of the Martin Luther King Jr., Peace Pilgrim’s and Gandhi’s of the world today…look and see them all around us!

Celebrating Simple Gifts 

Lay Leader: Frida Shroyer  Speaker:  Susan Grace

Come enjoy fellow UU members as they perform “Star Mother’s Youngest Child” as a play, based on the book by Louise Moeri.  Bring a simple gift wrapped for re-gifting if you would like to share with others.  We will have a gift swap and sharing at the end of the service.

The Road Not Taken 

Lay Leader: Hayden Nevill  Speaker:  Jana Peirce

There are clear points along the history of our life where we have stood squarely at a crossroads. Two paths beckoned, but we had to choose a particular path. As we look forward to the new year, we’ll start by looking back to explore the interesting paths we’ve taken that got us where we are. Come with your story. This service will be a discussion that all can participate in.

Christmas Day Potluck and Caroling 

Christmas Day, Sunday December 25th at UUFF will be an informal gathering with an “unprogram” beginning at our regular time of 1030 a.m. Many UU congregations have chosen  alternative services for this day, and we felt that it was important to offer something especially for families looking for something traditional, or for people who are alone and want somewhere to go. We’ll start off with a brunch. Laurel Holmes has some carols for those who are in a festive mood and want to sing around the piano. Or, perhaps we can stroll across the parking lot to the Princess Hotel and sing a few carols to the residents and employees. So, whether there are 3 or 30 people, there will be a gathering and it will be festive, fun and impromptu. Organizers for this day are Lisa Sporleder and Jeanne Olson.