This Sunday 

Beyond Categorical Thinking: Creating the Space for the New to Take Place 

Speaker: Mary Esther Johnson Lay leader: Phil Osborn

There are so many great possibilities for individual and collective expansion with a new minister. Receptivity and intention to open and receive something entirely new, in ways that have not been expressed before, and yet finding new meaning beyond prior expressions and experiences are important component to success. The new comes through from the minister, creating expanded perceptions for each member and a cycle of give and take for a long term mutually beneficial relationship for all concerned. The Beyond Categorical Thinking work is intended to create space for us to share pieces of our lives, thus encouraging intentional and continuous actions along the journey toward achieving even greater authenticity.

The History of God 

Speaker: Rev. Tracy Springberry Lay leader: Doug Toelle

God was not always and is not in many faiths a controlling being in the sky, that most UUs don’t believe.  How have others understood the concept of God?

In the Beginning 

Speaker: Rev. Tracy Springberry Lay leader: Cam Leonard

All cultures and many subcultures have creation stories including Unitarian Universalism. What lessons can we learn about the nature of being human, power and hope from our creation story?

Migration/Hibernation/Adaptation: Heading towards the Equinox 

Lay leader: Jeanne Olson Music: Vera Alexander

Our fellow creatures, the animals, exhibit habit patterns which reflect life lessons. Observing creatures in their natural habitats connects us with the Earth, the animals, and the Great Mystery. Have you met your power animal?

What is Your Blik? 

What is a blik, you ask? A blik is not the name for a new nano particle. It is an unfalsifiable conviction – a core belief that informs one’s worldview that cannot be proven wrong. We all live with bliks, and competing bliks can damage communication and get in the way of understanding. What is your blik? Come this Sunday at 10:30 a.m. to find out more. Speaker: Hayden Nevill. Lay leader: Marilyn Richardson. Piano: Laurel Holmes.

This Unitarian Life: Comfort Zones 

Speakers: Laurie Walton, Mary Ann Borchert, and Lisa Sporleder  Lay leader: Jana Peirce
This year we will be starting a new Sunday service series called “This Unitarian Life.” Each service will feature 3 speakers from the fellowship sharing personal stories or reflections on the same topic. Future topics include “Letting Go” and “The Upside of Quitting.” Contact Jana Peirce if you would like to be a speaker. “Comfort Zone” – Part I of This Unitarian Life “Leave the familiar for a while Let your senses and bodies stretch out Like a welcomed season.” – Hafiz. The theme this week will be “Comfort Zones.” Our three speakers will each tell us what happened one time when they stepped outside their comfort zones and how it changed the way they viewed themselves.

Be Ours a Religion 

Speaker: Rev. Mark Springer (via video) Lay leader: Mel Sikes

The Sunday morning service at GA this year was powerful and moving. We will be showing an edited version of this service. Calling upon his experiences in interfaith organizing, the Rev. Mark Stringer, Minister of the First Unitarian Church of Des Moines in Iowa, considers what gets in the way of UUs being “a religion which, like sunshine, goes everywhere” and inspires us to more often be the religion that reaches out in love.

Water Communion 

Lay leaders: Laurie Walton and Hayden Nevill Music: Laurel Holmes

Multigenerational Service. The annual water communion is an opportunity to symbolically and spiritually gather, reconnect and renew our UUFF community. Bring water from your travels, your rain barrel or any other water that is of significance to you and participate in this multigenerational service. If you forget your water, we will be providing some.

Chocolate and Fruit Communion 

Hafiz wrote the poem “We Have Come Not to Take Prisoners” in the 14th century. He said that our true purpose is to surrender to freedom and joy. This Sunday, we will play with this theme through story and song in an intergenerational service. Speaker: Rev. Tracy Springberry. Lay leader: Lisa Sporleder. Music: Laurel Holmes.

Celebrating the Summer Solstice: The Ant and the Grasshopper 

Lay Leader: Susan Grace Accompanist:  Vera Alexander

We celebrate Summer Solstice, the longest day of the year, joyfully in the beauty of this time together in community with love and light.