This Sunday 

Parenting as a Spiritual Practice 

Worship Leader:  Rev. Sarah Schurr  Lay Leader: Daniel Swisher

There is nothing like parenting to teach us important life lessons like patience and forgiveness. Rev. Sarah will reflect with us on lessons that parenting, and supporting parents, can bring us in our own spiritual development.

Be Who You Are 

Lay Leader: Laurie Walton

This sermon honoring the late Rev. Forrest Church explains how Unitarian Universalism can help us understand how to be who we are, want what we have, and do what we can.


Gratitude Communion 

Lay leader:  Michael Bonilla

This service is an opportunity to share the gratitude we feel to be a part of such a wonderful spiritual community. Potluck will follow the service.


Future Dreams 

Coordinators: Jana Peirce, Bre Griffin, Frida Shroyer

This last installment of the “Gathered Here” series will focus on discussions on where we see our congregation going and how we want to get there.

Social Justice In Alaska 

Speaker: Rev. Shirley Lee Lay Leader: Hayden Nevill

Social justice is important for value we share, and understanding local social justice issues helps us better our community. Rev. Lee will discuss social justice in Alaska with special focus on issues faced by Native Alaskans. Rev. Shirley Lee is Director of the Tanana Chiefs Conference’s Housing First Program, which provides housing without a pre-condition of sobriety.


Dia de los Muertos 

Speaker: Jana Peirce Lay Leader: Stephanie Sandberg

Dia de los Muertos is rooted in the Mexican belief that there are three deaths.  The third death—the most definitive one—is when there is no one left to remember us.  El dia de muertos is the day we reconcile our past and present, our ancestors with ourselves. It is through this celebration of death and acknowledgment of our own mortality that we continue to live and circumvent the final death. Read More »

Mindful Meditation 

Speaker: Dr. Kirsten Nielsen Lay Leader: Frida Shroyer

Dr. Kirsten Nielsen is a primary health provider who specializes in chronic illness treatment and prevention. She brings mindfulness to her patients to facilitate changes in life style for improved health. This program will show some connections between mindfulness and spirituality and how meditation can help.

Letting Go 

Spiritual Leader: Rev. Sarah Schurr  Lay Leader: Laurel Holmes

Love is about connection but love is also about letting go, and it is not always easy.  Rev. Sarah will reflect on the spiritual practice and practical art of releasing our expectations, our assumptions, and our attachments.

Welcoming the Nones 

Spiritual Leader: Rev. Sarah Schurr  Lay Leader: Hayden Nevill

When experts look at the changing demographics of the US and of potential UUs, the fastest growing group is not those who are leaving another faith, but those who have no relationship with organized religion at all. We call them the “nones”.   How can we best serve this growing demographic? How can they help us build a better world? Rev. Sarah will share what she has learned about this trend and the future of our movement.

The Flip Side 

Lay Leader: Mike Bonilla Speaker:  Sally Fenno

Winter time in Alaska is a dark time but that doesn’t mean that it has to be a dark time in your life. With a little planning now, you can prevent those winter blues. Sally Fenno will lead us in a free flowing discussion about creating a mutual support network for yourself during the winter.