This Sunday 

Why I am a Unitarian Universalist 

Lay Leader: Nicole Stewart Speaker: Rev. Tracy Springberry

The Rev. Tracy Springberry will share how the Good News of Unitarian Universalism makes her life richer and more meaningful.

A Theory of Social Justice 

Lay Leader: Susan Grace  Speaker: Laurel Holmes

With the recent anniversary of the King March on Washington, come enjoy a timely sermon on social justice from UUA.

Taking Leave with Rev. Sarah Schurr 

Rev. Sarah Schurr will say her farewells to all of us including the children during this service. Lay Leader: Barbara Clark. Speaker: Rev. Sarah Schurr.

Handicapped Parking as Progressive Politics 

Lay Leader: TBA Speaker: Doug Toelle Accompanist: Vera Alexander

54 million Americans experience disability, it is the equal opportunity minority group, a group that you can (and a pretty good chance you will) join anytime. What is the intersection of disability and politics and why should progressives care? Come learn about disability history, culture and politics.

This I Believe: Just What Is Pantheism? 

Lay Leader: Marilyn Richardson  Speaker: Anna Plager 

Pantheism is a faith defined by its adherents – it has no one founding philosopher, no self-proclaimed prophets, no venal priesthood.  Pantheism may be more closely related to Unitarianism and Paganism than any other faiths. Pantheism is older than Buddhism or Christianity, and may already count hundreds of millions among its members.  Come hear about Pantheism from Anna Plager, who has been a self-declared Pantheist since the 1970s.  She will share her thoughts on Pantheism and how its tenants have helped shape her spirituality and belief system.  The core of modern Pantheism rests upon the spiritual self-reliance of the individual.  Maybe you’re a Pantheist too.

Animal Spirits and Blessing of the Animals 

Program Coordinator: Jeanne Olson Accompanist: Laurel Holmes

Reverence for Life is a spiritual value that is a complex mixture of kindness, compassion, mercy, nonviolence, and love. It can readily be felt in the presence of our companion animals, but extends throughout the natural world. Today is a day to bring your animal companion (or a photo, or other meaningful items related to your animal friend) to the fellowship. BYOB (bring your own ball, biscuits, bones, etc.) after the program.

* For planning purposes, the Animal Blessing will occur early in the order of service, and you are welcome and encouraged to have those special non-humans sit with you, or bring them from your vehicle for that part of the program.

Why Do We Live Here? 

Lay Leader: Cam Leonard Speakers: Leone Hatch and Larry Fogleson

Why we choose to live here in the interior of Alaska? What is it about this place that has captured our spirits?

This I Believe 

Lay Leader: Julia Stewart Speaker: Lane Delvanthal

Lane Delvanthal will speak on his beliefs on Good and Evil for the first half of the program. Followed by an open discussion on what motivates us to act toward injustice?

Gleanings from General Assembly 

Lay Leader: Monte Jordan Speaker: Hayden Nevill

Hayden will have just returned from the 20013 National General Assembly of the Unitarian Universalist Association in Louisville, Kentucky, and will share insight of what he learned while attending workshops there as well as what the overall feel of where we stand as Unitarian Universalists overall on a National Level.

Life Isn’t Black and White—It’s Tie-dyed! 

Program Coordinator: Jeanne Olson Musicians: Laurel Holmes, Rebecca Dunne, and Susan Grace

Happy Summer Solstice Weekend. Our Summer’s vibrant colors contrast starkly with Winter’s shades of gray. It’s a time to appreciate some of the things that bring color into our world. Plan to wear your favorite tie dyed item (shirt, scarf, hat, socks?) to our unique Summer Solstice Celebration, which just might feature a few Grateful Dead tunes and some thoughts from Wavy Gravy. There will be a black canvas to create your own tie dye “signature” (it’s really simple) for our fellowship. We’re hoping there will be some jell-o creations to serve during Coffee and Kool-Aid hour. Oh yes, anyone wishing to volunteer to bring some Cherry Garcia ice cream?