This Sunday 

This I Believe 

Lay Leader: Julia Stewart Speaker: Lane Delvanthal

Lane Delvanthal will speak on his beliefs on Good and Evil for the first half of the program. Followed by an open discussion on what motivates us to act toward injustice?

Gleanings from General Assembly 

Lay Leader: Monte Jordan Speaker: Hayden Nevill

Hayden will have just returned from the 20013 National General Assembly of the Unitarian Universalist Association in Louisville, Kentucky, and will share insight of what he learned while attending workshops there as well as what the overall feel of where we stand as Unitarian Universalists overall on a National Level.

Life Isn’t Black and White—It’s Tie-dyed! 

Program Coordinator: Jeanne Olson Musicians: Laurel Holmes, Rebecca Dunne, and Susan Grace

Happy Summer Solstice Weekend. Our Summer’s vibrant colors contrast starkly with Winter’s shades of gray. It’s a time to appreciate some of the things that bring color into our world. Plan to wear your favorite tie dyed item (shirt, scarf, hat, socks?) to our unique Summer Solstice Celebration, which just might feature a few Grateful Dead tunes and some thoughts from Wavy Gravy. There will be a black canvas to create your own tie dye “signature” (it’s really simple) for our fellowship. We’re hoping there will be some jell-o creations to serve during Coffee and Kool-Aid hour. Oh yes, anyone wishing to volunteer to bring some Cherry Garcia ice cream?

This I Believe 

Lay leader: Lisa Sporleder

This is the first of a series of hearing from one of our fellowship on what they believe. This Sunday, Lisa Sporleder will share with us her thoughts and beliefs on the question “Is there a God, Goddess, or any kind of higher power?”

UUFF Annual Meeting 

Lay leader: UUFF Board of Directors

The Annual Meeting will immediately follow a shortened Sunday service. Lunch and childcare will be provided. Come hear updates from the Board and our committees, weigh in on proposed resolutions, elect Board members and otherwise exercise your vote in our democratic congregation!

May Day Celebration 

Lay Leader: Susan Grace Accompanist: Laurel Holmes May Baskets: Molly Leman Dance Leader: Barbara Braley, and Susan Grace Dance Band: The UUFF May Pole Dance Band

Following a short service celebrating spring, we will dance around the May Pole celebrating May Day and making May Baskets.

Earth Day 

Lay leader: John Peirce  Speaker: Vera Alexander Accompanist: Laurel Holmes

Celebrating our oceans; their mystery, beauty and power.

Milestones and Transitions 

Lay Leader: Bre Griffin Worship Leader: Rev. Sarah Schurr

We celebrate the rites of passage brought to us in this year at UUFF, be they new members joining, babies being born, or beloved friends who have passed. This service is collaboration between our minister and our DRE.

Sermons in Stones 

Lay leader: Monte Jordon  Worship Leader: Rev. Sarah Schurr

In his play “As You Like it” Shakespeare shared his view that we draw wisdom from unexpected experience. Rev. Sarah Schurr will look at how Unitarian Universalist’s draw wisdom from many interesting sources as well.

Planting the Seeds of Hope 

Lay Leader: Lisa Sporleder  Speakers: Scarlet Hopkins, Pam Miller, and Melissa Sikes

How do we plant seeds for renewal, rebirth, growth, and regeneration? How do we keep hope alive and nurtured?