This Sunday 

Let Them Come 

Speaker:  Holly Blood Lay Leader: Rev. Leslie Ahuvah Fails

May we be a welcoming people for all who seek safety, compassion, and care.

All-Seasons Alaska Fashion Show 

Lay Leader: Eric Muehling  Speakers: Various UUFF Folks  Music: Laurel Holmes

For our Whale Coast visitors, UUs will showcase distinctive outfits worn in all seasons. Warmth vs style? Or both? Gliding down the catwalk, our UU runway models will wear magnificent parkas rated to 60-below, kuspuks, Carhartts, snowsuits, Bunny boots, goose-down dresses, mosquito hoods, face masks and whatever. See how Alaskans dress for work, play, and Sunday service.

Wild Alaska 

Minister: Rev. Leslie Ahuvah Fails  Speakers: UUFF Storytellers

UUFF members and friends, lifetime Alaskans and transplants alike, will share their thrilling tales of adventure in Alaska’s vast wilderness. Join us in welcoming our guests from the lower 48 for this summer’s first Whale Coast tour!

Living From a Full Cup 

Speaker: Laurie Walton  Lay Leader: Lisa Sporleder

Sometimes the demands of modern life leave us depleted, overwhelmed and burned out. How can we develop a presence and practice that allows us to experience more ease and resilience in our daily lives? This service will be an introduction to Full Body Presence, as developed by Suzanne Scurlock- Durana. Laurie will lead a guided inner exploration following the service.


Speaker: Holly Blood Lay Leader: Hayden Nevill Music: Marsha Sousa

Experiencing homelessness in Alaska is a unique challenge compared to other places around our nation. Working with young people experiencing homelessness in Fairbanks has helped Holly Blood to understand how we can do more as a community – even in seemingly small ways – to help our most vulnerable community members.

Mother’s Day 

Leaders: Rev. Leslie Ahuvah Fails and Molly Lemen   Music: Marsha Sousa

A morning of ritual and song celebrating those who have mothered us, the mothers among us, and honoring the often complicated relationship between mother and child.

Love Thy Neighbor 

Speaker: Rev. Shirley Lee  Lay Leader: Lisa Sporleder

Rev. Shirley Lee will offer us an update on the Tanana Chiefs Conference Sobering Center. During the winter of 2007-2008, six people froze to death on the streets of Fairbanks due to being intoxicated and having nowhere safe to go. The new Sobering Center offers a place for intoxicated people to sober up for 12 hours in safety and warmth, and a chance to connect with the medical and social services they need. She will also be updating us on how the fellowship can continue to show up in solidarity with the Fairbanks Four, a group of young native men who were wrongfully incarcerated for 18 years.

Celebrate Our Sacred Places Outside and Within 

Leaders: Susan Grace and Jeanne Olson  Music: Marsha Sousa

Celebrate Earth Day! We will share songs, readings, and photos of our favorite places on the planet. Send digital images of your favorite wild and sacred places to Susan at to have it included in a special slide show that will be enjoyed during the service. If you would like, bring your favorite quote for the Earth and the wild places to share.

Who We Are 

Speakers: Rev. Leslie Ahuvah Fails and UUFF Storytellers Music: Laurel Holmes

This service will explore three important questions: Where do we come from? Who are we? Where are we going? Join us in welcoming storytellers who will illuminate us with tales of our fellowship’s past, present, and future.

Who Decides? 

 Speaker: Kenneth Reams Lay Leaders: Hayden Nevill, Alison Carter and Eric Muehling

Our speaker will be Kenneth Reams, who will be phoning in from Varner Supermax prison in Grady, Arkansas. From his jail cell, Reams founded an organization called “Who Decides,” a group “whose ambition is to educate about capital punishment through art.” Reams will speak to us about capital punishment in the United States, the racism inherent in our criminal justice system, and his own experience living on death row.